Reign React: Did Mary Wed the Right Brother?

Reign Wedding RecapAfter one of history’s most dizzying games of emotional ping-pong, Mary finally said “I do” in this week’s Reign.

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Though she admitted to loving Bash, she was forced to tell him — in what was easily the show’s most heart-wrenching scene to date — that she loves Francis more.

And so, with the knowledge that Nostradamus’ original premonition about Francis’ death was wrong, Mary slipped into a gorgeous wedding gown and sashayed down the aisle, where she officially became Mrs. Francis Reign. (Right? I’m so bad with royal titles.)

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Of course, this doesn’t mean fans should rule out a future for Mary and Bash altogether. Torrance Coombs tweeted a very good point about life at court:

Now that we’ve dissected Mary’s big day, let’s hash out the other major twists from this week’s episode, “Consummation”:

FRANCIS’ FATE | When it comes to flip-flopping, there is one person at court who’s even less consistent than Mary, and that’s Catherine’s thickly bearded soothsayer. After determining that Francis would not die upon saying “I do” to Mary, Nostradamus’ follow-up vision — which he acquired by hanging himself after sex, for the record — revealed a new horrifying fate for the future king. It turns out Francis will enjoy a bit of wedded life with Mary… only to suddenly bleed from his ears and die in bed.

IT’S SHE’S ALIVE! | And then there’s Clarissa, who turned out to be significantly less dead than everyone thought. (But did you really believe she wouldn’t be back? Rule No. 1: Always bury the body!)

CAT LANDS ON HER FEET | Speaking of people being not being dead, it seems Catherine will live to see another day. Many days, actually, as she was officially pardoned by the king for her crimes against their marriage.

But back to what really matters…

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