The Tomorrow People Preview: Are Cara and John Over? -- Plus: Astrid Turns to Her New Friend

The Tomorrow People Season 1 SpoilersUltra is swarming The Tomorrow People‘s secret hideaway.

On this Wednesday’s episode (The CW, 9/8c), the enemy gets closer than ever to the superhumans’ underground digs, and it will fall upon dysfunctional former power couple John and Cara to protect their home.

But with their relationship in tatters — she kicked him out, and he didn’t come crawling back — that’s easier said than done. Plus: Is there competition for his affections from his new buddy Astrid?

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Below, executive producer Phil Klemmer previews this week’s “fantastic” hour, in which viewers will learn how the ex-lovebirds came together.

HERE COMES THE BIG BAD | Ultra will soon “know where [our heroes’] lair is, and they’ll be ready to invade,” reveals Klemmer. With their foes at their doorstep, the questions of “whether John and Cara can mend their personal relationship” and “whether they can actually protect this home that they founded” will become inextricably linked.

LOVE STORY IN REVERSE | John and Cara’s first meeting will be unveiled via flashbacks, and it’s “definitely not as romantic as you would expect,” teases Klemmer. “There’s a movie called Two for the Road, where you get to see the beginning of a relationship and the end of a relationship at the same time. It’s like that: You get to see the bitter end and the beginning.” Although John and Cara are going through a very rough patch right now, Klemmer adds, “Of course for that couple, if I said that there wasn’t the possibility of a future, I’d make a lot of fans unhappy. So there’s always hope for those two.”

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A NEW FRIENDSHIP | Unlikely pals John and Astrid will cross paths once again when she turns to him after being plagued by nightmares. But this time around, she’s in the supportive role. “It’s like the converse of the episode in which John saves Astrid’s life, when she’s targeted for death,” describes Klemmer. “Having been kicked out of the lair, she’ll return the favor by showing John what it’s like to live as a human.” As for the chemistry between the two characters, Klemmer is just as pleasantly surprised by their sweet interaction as viewers. “They were one of those pairings that we put in proximity, just experimentally, because we haven’t had them share scenes,” he says. “I know people always root for John and Cara, and they should, but there’s just a purity [to] the relationship that John and Astrid have. It’s such a relief to just see him smile and to see him get to experience human delight. And Astrid has lost a portion of her best friend. Stephen has so many other responsibilities, and she knows, even though she has feelings for Stephen, that his heart belongs to someone else. So there is this longing in Astrid, as well, and there should be some people rooting for Astrid and John.” Mission accomplished.

DEADLY INSTINCT | The fact that John can kill will become a big story point in Episode 17 (airing March 24), and someone will be after his special talent — but not in the way that you think. “John won’t be the only one seeking this so-called Annex Project,” hints Klemmer. “It’s something that one of our other characters is exploring for him or herself.”