Little Liars' Nick Roux Previews Aria's 'Fling' With Riley and How She'll Finally Get Over Ezra

Pretty Little Liars Nick RouxEzra who? On Tuesday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars (8/7c on ABC Family), Aria only has one man on her mind — and you’re looking at him.

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Nick Roux joins the cast of PLL this week, and the former Jane By Design star tells TVLine that his character, Riley, might just be the key to helping Aria move past that no-good Ezra. (Even if their fling only lasts one weekend.)

TVLINE | A lot of people are excited about this episode. Are you getting a lot of Twitter love from former Jane By Design fans?
Absolutely, it’s a lot of the same crowd. A lot of people are in that same age range, so they’re recognizing me. They seem pretty happy to have me back on ABC Family, and I’m stoked to be back.

TVLINE | What about Pretty Little Liars? Were you familiar with the show when you signed on?
I didn’t watch it that much. I knew it was a drama and that people die and there’s some sort of murder they’re covering up. But when I actually got the job, I watched a few episodes from this season, and I was just grasping at straws trying to figure out what was going on.

TVLINE | Grasping at straws? It sounds like you’re on the same page as the rest of us, then.
[Laughs] OK, good.

TVLINE | Introduce us to Riley. Who is this new guy?
Riley’s a musician who meets Aria on a college trip. They hit it off for different reasons; they’re both coming off relationships, so they have multiple things they connect with. And it was great working with Lucy Hale. She’s so sweet, and we had some chemistry that made it easy to work together. Aria and Riley, who knows?

nick-roux-pretty-little-liars-2TVLINE | A musician, huh? Should we expect a performance, or does he just mention music?
It’s mentioned. You might hear a little something from him, but from what I’ve done so far, don’t expect too much.

TVLINE | You two look pretty cozy in the promo shots. Is this just a fling, or something more?
It starts out as a little weekend fling, but it turns out to be bigger than either of them expects it to be. There are more connections than just physical attraction. We kind of both help each other work through some issues.

TVLINE | Clear something up for me: Is Riley in college, or is he visiting like Aria?
He’s trying to get into college, just like Aria. So they meet going trough the tour and to frats and all that. They’re the same age, so they have that in common, too.

TVLINE | Lastly, I have to know: Have you been getting any crazy tweets from angry fans?
Oh yes. There have been a lot of people who have sent me some really funny, interesting tweets. Some people are actually like, “Get out of here. We want Ezra. Who are you to do this?” I think some people think it’s a reality TV show.

Pretty Little Liars fans, are you glad to see Aria leaving Ezra behind her, or is this weekend romance merely prolonging their inevitable reunion? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.