HIMYM Recaplet: Here We Go Again With That Theory -- Plus: Robin's [Spoiler] Arrives!

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 RecapAny other How I Met Your Mother fans have a nervous feeling in the pit of their stomach…?

The CBS comedy added fuel to the The Mother Is Dead Theory with Monday night’s episode, as Ted and his wife spent time away from the kids at the Farhampton Inn (yet again) in the year 2024.

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Let’s go back and review the ominous, dread-inducing evidence:

♦ Ted and The Mother spend most of the half-hour sharing old stories — sad nostalgia alert! — and even though they’re enjoying reliving the past, she admits that she’s concerned about her hubby. “I love your yarns,” she says. “I hope you never stop spinning them. You’re the love of my life, pooh bear. I just worry about you. I don’t want you to be the guy who lives in his stories. Life only moves forward.” Gulp.

♦ The gang realizes that after Robin and Barney’s wedding day, they don’t know when they’ll be together again. It’s a heavy moment that leaves them all speechless because when something is too intense, Future Ted begins, it’s best to “leave it unspoken and just enjoy each other’s company,” The Mother finishes as they exchange a meaningful glance.

♦ The surprise appearance of Robin’s mom (played by Tracey Ullman!) is not such a big shock to Mrs. Mosby. After all, “What mother is going to miss her daughter’s wedding?” she asks as Future Ted looks like he’s about to burst into tears. Poor Penny.

In this January TVLine poll, 42 percent theorized that the reason Ted told the kids this story when he did — and there is a reason — is because The Mother is dead or sick/in surgery. But that was a huge five weeks ago. So…

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