Was ABC's Mixology Hard to Swallow?

BLAKE LEE, GINGER GONZAGAIn ABC’s new comedy Mixology, which popped open its bottles Wednesday nigh, 10 single bargoers are looking for love (or something like that) over the course of one night, all with the help of their friends — and, of course, some liquid confidence. But did the premiere leave you thirsty for more, or should closing time come early?

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Before you vote in the poll below, a brief recap:

The pilot introduces Tom (Blake Lee, Parks and Recreation), the first single looking for love with the help of his best friends, serial-monogamist Cal (Craig Frank, A Good Knight’s Quest) and brutally honest Bruce (Andrew Santino, Punk’d). Cal and Bruce throw Tom back into the dating pool after his fiancée dumps him due to his beaver-like face. Ouch! 

After Cal royally screws up a TV reference (he needs to binge watch Sex and the City and Friends ASAP) and Bruce dishes out some promising advice (“The higher the heels, the looser she feels,” groan), Tom decides to approach Maya (Ginger Gonzaga, Legit).

Raised as the son her father never had, Maya works at a sports law firm, dated Keyshawn Johnson (among other athletes) and is evidently not a very nice lady, calling Tom a “sniveling little bitch” after his cringe-worthy attempt at hitting on her. It turns out women don’t love when men reminisce about jean shopping with an ex. (Crazy, right?) There is, however, a heart in there somewhere — deep, deep down — as Maya eventually gives in to Tom’s innocent charm.

mixology-pollcap-2The Mixology pilot mainly focuses on Tom and Maya, but also looking for a good time is Jessica (Alexis Carra, Bones), a single mother from New Jersey. After meeting online and exchanging some very personal pictures, Jessica goes to meet Ron (Adam Campbell, Touch), a failed Internet entrepreneur who clearly can’t hold down his liquor — with Jessica’s red clutch purse taking the hit.

And then there’s Kacey (Vanessa Lengies, Glee), a bubbly cocktail waitress and one of the many ladies involved with the irresistible head bartender Dominic (Adan Canto, The Following). She briefly ends things with him, but quickly makes out up with him in the back room.

Rounding out the cast are Julie Hagerty Kate Simses (Wedding Band), as Maya’s newly engaged friend Liv, and Frankie Shaw (2 Broke Girls), as Jessica’s pretentious frenemy Fab.

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Mixology serves up some knowing laughs and provides an array of physically attractive if morally compromised characters, offering up amusing-ish back-stories to go with them. But where will the show go once the 10 characters have met, mingled and moved on? One night can only last… well, one night.

Now let’s hear what you have to say. Did Mixology leave you wanting more? Grade Mixology via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice.

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