The Originals Recap: Sins of the Sister

The Originals RecapThis week’s episode of The Originals didn’t just rattle the Mikaelsons’ family tree; it knocked it down, chopped it up and threw it in the fireplace. Have we officially passed the point of no return?

Relations between Klaus and his siblings were already rocky (to put it mildly) when the episode began, and that was before Celeste and Genevieve worked their undead witchy juju to clue Klaus in on a major betrayal from Rebekah’s past. By the end of the hour, Klaus and Rebekah were literally at each other’s throats — and only one Original sibling was left standing.

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ET TU, REBEKAH? | Klaus has been betrayed by everyone and their mother (literally) over the years, but nothing stung quite as intensely as learning that Rebekah — with her lover, Marcel, as her co-conspirator — used Genevieve to locate Mikael back in 1919, an act of treachery that eventually led to Klaus and his siblings being driven out of New Orleans. Klaus was furious, and with Genevieve’s willing blood in his system, he was raring for a fight. I couldn’t believe the force with which he was slamming his sister, though I was even more surprised when Elijah showed up and turned the knife on Klaus. Elijah really will do anything to keep his sister out of harm’s way… even if she kind of deserves to be punished.

I DO DECLARE | We all know Marcel is warm for Rebekah’s form, but I wasn’t expecting him to make a full-on declaration of love this week. When Elijah confronted him about his scheme to bring Mikael to the Big Easy in 1919, he defended his actions, saying that he was in love with Rebekah — and that he’s still in love with her. Too bad she wasn’t around to hear him confess his love; it might have actually made her reconsider telling him to back off earlier this season.

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HAYLIJAH’s MOMENT | Speaking of characters pining for each other from a distance, can we discuss that scene between Hayley and Elijah? You know the one I’m talking about — when she walked in on him, shirtless and magically tatted up. It reminded me of the time Bonnie had to take pictures of Jeremy’s hunter tattoos on The Vampire Diaries, only Bonnie wasn’t pregnant with someone else’s baby and Jeremy’s hair pales in comparison’s to Eli’s flowing mane. That said, this scene was definitely thrown into the mix to keep the Hayley/Elijah speculation going, and I for one enjoyed it immensely.

SNEAK ATTACK | Hayley was a woman on a mission this week, determined to figure out if Celeste was the witch who put the curse on the New Orleans werewolves — and once she got the answer she was looking for, she tracked Celeste down and took her out with a single whack in the back of the head. Who’d have thought the most powerful witch in town, capable of bringing Klaus and Rebekah to their knees, would end up falling to a shovel? (You literally can’t stop watching your back on this show for a second.)

What’s your take on this week’s Originals? Is there any chance Klaus will forgive Rebekah? Should he? And how about that Hayley/Elijah scene, eh? Head to the comments section with your review of the episode.

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