Glee: Chris Colfer, EP Brad Falchuk Hint at a 'Different World' (and New Loves?) for 'Klaine'

glee-season-5-spoilers-klaine-nyc-chris-colfer-Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson may be blissfully engaged and surviving their long-distance relationship on Season 5 of Glee, but don’t go thinking their relationship GPS is necessarily set for “Happily Ever After.”

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With Blaine (Darren Criss) set to graduate high school in Episode 13 and join college student Kurt  in New York City — where the remainder of Season 5 will be set — executive producer Brad Falchuk weighed in on the couple’s future at a media event celebrating the show’s 100th episode Monday night.

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“You have them engaged and together, and it’s a different world,” Falchuk told TVLine at the event, which took place on the McKinley High auditorium set. “It can be both harder and easier to see a person every day.”

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Falchuk added that while Klaine’s long-distance status in the early parts of Season 5 resulted in a certain “longing” between the characters as well as a “difficulty” in maintaining their closeness, “when you’re really on top of each other and really seeing each other and really get to smell each other every day, it’s a little different.”

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Chris Colfer, meanwhile, gave a surprising answer when asked what’s on his Bucket List for Kurt before the show concludes at the end of Season 6. “Maybe a second love interest,” he speculated.

Whether or not Colfer was hinting at romantic sparks between Kurt and his new bandmate Elliot (played by Adam Lambert) is unclear, though the duo’s duet on The Darkness’ “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” in tonight’s midseason premiere (8/7c on Fox) reportedly involves some tight harmonies — and a stripper pole.

adam-lambert-chris-colfer-kiss-gleePlus, there’s a photo that’s been circulating around the Internet which catches Elliot planting a smooch on a surprised Kurt’s cheek.

What would you like to see with regard to Klaine’s NYC future? Did Colfer’s desire for a new romance for his character surprise you? Sound off below! (Reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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