Vampire Diaries Recap: The Darkness Returns

Vampire Diaries Season 5 RecapDamon’s fangs were out with a vengeance on Thursday’s The Vampire Diaries.

Meanwhile, Katherine was back to her manipulative schemes — mainly, wooing Stefan — as the gang attended a dance for the brokenhearted.

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Let’s review the biggest twists from “Total Eclipse of the Heart”:

END OF THE LINE | Stefan’s not happy about his brother’s return to his dark ways, and even tries to get Enzo to leave town. It works about as well as you’d expect. “You’re better than this,” he tells Damon, who replies, “I’m better like this.” He and Enzo are determined to track down Wes and finish off Augustine for good. To accomplish that, they take Jeremy hostage — good thing he and Damon aren’t roomies by episode’s end because that would be awkward — and force Bonnie to find a witch to perform a locater spell. The nice newbie witch from Sociology class is totally out of her element, but Bonnie guides her and promises to help her get control of her magic.

Jeremy’s life is spared, but not before he’s tortured. And Katherine, reluctantly pretending to want to save her brother, gets stabbed in the back by Enzo. “Don’t bother coming back,” Stefan warns his bro. “I wasn’t planning on it,” replies Damon. Perhaps they shouldn’t have been so eager to find Wes, because once they do, the doc sticks Damon with a needle that makes him feed on another vampire.

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OBJECT OF HER AFFECTION | Katherine is really loving her new life as Elena. She’s beautiful, beloved and, best of all, a vampire. She’s so into Elena’s life she may even attend class more often than the real Elena did. But her utopian existence is missing one thing: Stefan. So she invites him to the Bitter Ball for lonely hearts with the hope of rekindling things. “Do you like who I am? Or do you miss who I was?” she asks him as they dance. The two later share an intimate moment in her dorm room as he helps her remove a splinter from her back. (There’s a joke in there somewhere.)

Stefan tells her that ever since she and Damon got together, he’s been waiting for his brother to screw up. At a certain point, he explains, he stopped waiting for him to fail because he liked the person Damon had become and he doesn’t want to lose that person. Katherine agrees to help him save Damon from himself, but only for Stefan (and for her own secret, selfish desires).

MIND GAMES | Unfortunately, Katherine still needs Matt’s help to keep up, especially when it comes to figuring out if there’s something going on between Caroline and Stefan. (Hmm, the show sure has been dropping a lot of hints on that front lately…) Nadia is holed up at Mystic Grill to question and compel Matt as needed when Tyler joins them and starts buying shots for Nadia. Bad idea, Tyler. Huge mistake. They start playing a game of “Whose Mother Is Worse?” Matt notes that his mom slept with Tyler, who says he forgot about that. (So did I!) Then the hybrid uses his easedropping powers for good this time and overhears Nadia compelling Matt. They devise a plan to find out what she’s up to, but she gets the upperhand, knocking out Tyler and capturing Matt, who figures out Kat has taken residence in Elena’s body. Too bad he’s incapable of telling anyone the truth because his life is in jeopardy, yet again.

What did you think of the episode? Did Damon cross a line he can’t come back from? Do you like the idea of Bonnie the Witch Mentor? And how disturbed were you that Caroline shredded Klaus’ drawing? That’s art!

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