The Big Bang Theory Recap: Sheldon and Amy Take a Really Big Step

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Amy kissThis Thursday on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, Amy Farrah Fowler received perhaps the most unexpected Valentine’s Day gift ever.

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“The Locomotive Manipulation” opened with Amy guiding her beau of three years through their annual State of the Relationship Summit, during which they failed to agree on his pet name for her (“Gollum” was shot down, again) and then tackled the sticky wicket of Valentine’s Day plans.

Amy proposes an idea they’ll both enjoy: a weekend at a bed-and-breakfast in Napa Valley. Yet even after Amy addresses Sheldon’s assorted concerns (eating with strangers, claw-foot bath tubs, etcetera), he must wonder: What’s in it for me to enjoy? Her comeback: They’re traveling to Napa on a fully functioning vintage train — more specifically, an Alco FA-4 diesel locomotive leading meticulously restored 1915 Pullman first class coaches.

No bazinga here. Train enthusiast Sheldon is sold!

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The mutually enjoyable escapade is nearly derailed however, when Sheldon comes to feel that Amy is more into the occasion for reasons of romance than she first let on. And in an outburst in the middle of a dining car, he sets out to give her plenty of romance — first by guzzling some wine (or “grape juice that burns”), then gazing into her eyes. Lastly, he sarcastically observes: “Oh, kissing‘s romantic!” — and he plants one on his girlfriend, for a full 11 seconds, celebrated by whoops and hollers from the studio audience.

Coming away from the clinch, Amy softly observes, “That was nice.” “Good,” responds Sheldon, equally moved by the lonnnnng overdue intimacy.

Cementing the magnitude of the moment, Sheldon says that the conductor had invited him to the control room to learn how to bring a train through a crossing. And Amy is happy to leave him to his folly, when he adds: “Do you want to come with me?” “Really…?” she responds. “I do.”

What did you think of this momentous mouth-to-mouth for Big Bang‘s chaste couple?

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