Bruno Mars' Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show: What Did You Think? Take Our Poll!

Bruno Mars Super Bowl HalftimeIn the words of Bruno Mars himself: “Oh yeah yeah. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. HOOH-UH!

After diva extravaganzas — Madonna and Beyoncé, to be specific — the last two years, the pop-soul superstar brought a decidedly more organic musical vibe to the Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show, with special guests the Red Hot Chili Peppers contributing to the hook-tastic proceedings.

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Out: Aggressive backing tracks, armies of dancers and wardrobe malfunctions (or things that might be mistaken for ’em). In: Bruno and his rockin’, raucous band (in typical horn-line formation — and jaunty gold jackets) doing the damn thing as he ripped through a medley of hits that — if I’m being honest — could’ve gone on for another 10-15 minutes without complaint from most (aside from the truly, deeply football fanatical).

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Things opened with a fun, fascinating juxtaposition — a cute children’s chorus serving up a snippet of “Billionaire,” followed by a closeup shot of Mars at the drums — completely going off with an abandon you might not expect from a guy about to launch into a high-octane mini concert in front of a massive global audience.

After that, a spectacular one-two-three punch of “Locked Out of Heaven,” “Treasure” and “Runaway Baby” — finished off with Mars giving us his best “is the dude moving on ice?” James Brown-esque dance breakdown. The subsequent jam session served as the perfect place to pause for a Red Hot Chili Peppers interlude — as a bizarrely kneesock-clad Anthony Kiedis & Co. bounced like kids on trampolines for the iconic “Give It Away.” Yep, they’ve still got it!

The final shift in tone? A touching montage of overseas U.S. military personnel sending dedications to family, friends and loved ones back home, as Mars launched into a subdued cover of “Just the Way You Are.” Were the ensuing fireworks a little over the top? Um, of course not! It’s the damn Super Bowl. And the halftime show, if you’ll forgive me a moment of cheesiness, was amazing — just the way it was.

But that’s just my take. What did you think of Bruno Mars’ halftime show? Take the poll below, then expand on your thoughts in the comments!

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