New Girl Exclusive First Look: Nick and Winston's Prince-ly High-School Flashback

New Girl‘s merry band of misfits will party like it’s 1999 when Cece and Jess get invited to a shindig thrown by Prince during the show’s post-Super Bowl XLVIII installment on Sunday. And yet it turns out that Nick (Jake Johnson) and Winston (Lamorne Morris) might be the bigger fans of His Royal Purpleness — at least based on the following exclusive photos that flash back to their high-school obsession with the singing superstar.

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“He’s a genuinely fun, interesting person,” says Johnson, of his time on set with Prince. “He hung out between scenes, he didn’t disappear, he was socializing. At first, everyone was quiet and weird because, you know, it’s Prince. But I had a bunch of questions for him, because I’m probably never going to see him again. I asked him what he likes about Minnesota. I asked him if the Pancake stuff [from The Chappelle Show] is real.”

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More importantly, though, Johnson says the Purple Rain nailed his scenes — one of which finds him doling out relationship advice to Jess — an opinion he says was confirmed by costar Zooey Deschanel. “Zooey, he and I had a three-person scene. And whenever we have a guest-star on, the series regulars check in with each other to see what we think. It’s not cool [of us], but we do this every day, and then you have a big star. And sometimes they’re OK. And other times you’re like, ‘It took you nine takes to say that? So, Zooey and I checked in after Prince started, and we were both like, ‘Not only is he Prince, but he is an excellent actor.’

New Girl and the Golden Globe-winning freshman hit Brooklyn Nine-Nine will air special episodes following Fox’s Feb. 2 broadcast of the NFL championship, starting at approximately 10:30/9:30c.

Check out the images of Nick and Winston’s Prince-inspired garb from their high-school days, then hit the comments with your anticipation level for the post-Super Bowl outing.