Criminal Minds Episode 200 Photos: Prentiss 'Drops Everything' to Join the Search for JJ

CBS’ Criminal Minds will call in for reinforcements — namely, in the form of a familiar face — when Episode 200 tackles the race against time to find kidnapped JJ. And TVLine has a flurry of photos from the milestone hour, peppered with scoopy quotes from returning player Paget Brewster.

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As the episode “200” opens (next Wednesday at 9/8c), Hotch & Co. pull out all the stops — including perhaps a few they technically should not have — to acquire intel on who might have grabbed JJ at the close of last week’s episode, and why. Bumping up against “For Your Eyes Only” levels of government bureaucracy, they are somewhat left to fend on their own to find one of their own, though not without a helping hand from former colleague Emily Prentiss (played by Brewster).

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Check out these photos from the episode, including a sampling of quotes from TVLine’s upcoming in-depth Q&A with Brewster.