The Amazing Race Reveals Teams for All-Star Edition: Twinnies, Afghanimals, Brenchel & More!

Amazing-Race-Season-24-all-star-castFans of The Amazing Race will be seeing stars — All-Stars, that is, when the show’s 24th season premieres Sunday, Feb. 23 (8/7c) on CBS. And now, the network has announced which returning favorites will be featured in this particular constellation:

The 11 teams competing for the $1 million prize will include:

* “The Afghanimals”: Cousins Leo Temory & Jamal Zadran — 4th place on Season 23

* “Brenchel”: Brendon Villegas and Big Brother‘s Rachel Reilly — 3rd place on Season 20

* “Twinnies”: Natalie Anderson & Nadiya Anderson — 4th place on Season 21

* “The Cowboys”: Brothers Cord & Jet McCoy — 2nd place on Season 16; 6th place on Season 18

* “The Globetrotters”: Nate “Big Easy” Lofton & Herbert “Flight Time” Lang — 4th place on Season 15; 2nd place on Season 18

* Mother/Son team Margie O’Donnell & Luke Adams — 3rd place on Season 14; 8th place on Season 18

* Team YouTube: Joseph “Joey” Graceffa & Meghan Caramena — 5th place on Season 22

* Team Kentucky: Friends William “Bopper” Minton & Mark Jackson — 5th place on Season 20

* “The Country Singers”: Jennifer Wayne & Caroline Cutbirth (of Stealing Angels) — 4th place on Season 22.

* Father/Son cancer survivors David O’Leary & Connor O’Leary — 8th place on Season 22

* Engaged couple John Erck & Jessica Hoel — 9th place on Season 22

Excited about the lineup for Season 24? Who’s your early pick to win? Who do you want to get ousted first? Sound off below!