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TVLine Mixtape: Your Favorite Songs from Girls, Almost Human, The Blacklist, Grey's and More

Oh TV music, how we will love you ’til the end of time and would wait a million years for you. To prove our devotion, we’ve assembled the latest edition of TVLine Mixtape.

What follows is a collection of tunes used recently in your favorite shows, complete with artist and album information in case you want to add them to your permanent collection. Spoilers abound, and we chose songs we liked – but we always want to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

So peruse our playlist, and then hit the comments with your favorite TV jams! And remember: You can always submit questions or suggestions about TV music on Twitter @classyjgalassi.

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marnie-what-i-am-girlsSERIES AND EPISODE | Girls, “She Said OK”
TITLE | “What I Am”
ARTIST | Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
ALBUM | Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars (1988)
WHY IT ROCKED | Kudos to Charlie for uploading this hilarious, campy video, which finds our fave messed-up girl Marnie singing “What I Am” in pigtails and grungy clothes, all with enough awkward booty shaking to send us back to the ’80s. The song choice is equal parts pretentious and ridiculous — exactly what we expect whenever Marnie gets behind a mic … or, in this case, in front of a camera.

amber-parenthoodSERIES AND EPISODE | Parenthood, “Jump Ball”
TITLE “Someone to Watch Over Me”
ARTIST | Rickie Lee Jones
ALBUM | It’s Like This (2000)
WHY IT ROCKED | “I’m just a little lamb lost in the woods,” sings Jones, a lyric that can easily be applied to Amber – whose journey to self-destruction lately seems to know no bounds. Cue Amber’s heart-to-heart with Seth, who tells Amber she has more of her mother in her than she realizes.

mickey-ian-shamelessSERIES AND EPISODE | Shameless, “Simple Pleasures”
TITLE | “Canyons”
ARTIST | Paw City
ALBUM | Paw City – EP (2013)
WHY IT ROCKED | Mickey misses Ian while Mandy misses Lip. If “Canyons” teaches us anything, it’s that absence sure makes the heart grow fonder — or it can be the worst thing ever (like Brussels sprouts or spam).


almost-human-simon-saysSERIES AND EPISODE | Almost Human, “Simon Says”
TITLE | “The Air I Breathe”
ARTIST | The Hollies
ALBUM | Hollies (1974)
WHY IT ROCKED | Nothing says you’ve found Mr. Right quite like being forced to dance to this Hollies song with a bomb around your neck… but that’s exactly where one girl found herself after a date with a psychopath went sour in this freaky scene.

american-horror-story-headSERIES AND EPISODE | American Horror Story, “Head”
TITLE | “Oh, Freedom!”
ARTIST | The Golden Gospel Singers
ALBUM | A Capella Praise (2006)
WHY IT ROCKED | We’re not sure what is more chilling: watching the witchy massacre that takes place while this famed civil rights jam plays or witnessing beheaded LaLaurie sobbingly grapple with some inner demons. Regardless, we haven’t seen this much bloodshed since Game of Thrones‘ Red Wedding.


Grimm - Season 3SERIES AND EPISODE Grimm, “Red Menace”
TITLE | “Lil’ Red Riding Hood”
ARTIST | John Felice
ALBUM Turban Renewal: A Tribute To Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs (1994)
WHY IT ROCKED | Who doesn’t love a clever callback? In a nod to the supernatural series’ pilot, we watch a woman wearing a red sweatshirt run in a wooded area — but we know there’s someone (or something) gaining on her. As Felice’s cover of the 1960s hit creeps along, we see an unsweaty Nick — and not some terrible Wesen — pass her, just your average Grimm out for a jog. 

blacklist-lizSERIES AND EPISODE | The Blacklist, “Anslo Garrick, Part 2”
TITLE | “Pendulum”
ARTIST | Pearl Jam
ALBUM | Lightning Bolt (2013)
WHY IT ROCKED | Oh Liz… much like Red, we want nothing but good things for you (Wig be gone! Answers from your shady boo!). But as we see in this scene, the road to bliss may soon become more jagged as Pearl Jam hauntingly sings, “Easy come and easy go/Easy left me a long time ago.”


greys-jackson-april-weddingSERIES AND EPISODE | Grey’s Anatomy, “Get Up, Stand Up”
TITLE | “Total Eclipse of the Heart”
ARTIST | Jill Andrews
ALBUM | N/A — but the single is available on iTunes
WHY IT ROCKED | Can someone please make a 3-D print of a broken heart? Because that is all we were feeling as this stripped-down (and admittedly, less cheesy) cover of the Bonnie Tyler hit plays during a pivotal scene in which April must choose #TeamMatthew or #TeamJackson.

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