Orphan Black Season 2 Scoop: Sarah and Felix on the Outs, Alison's 'Explosions' and More

Orphan Black Season 2 SpoilersThere’s trouble brewing between Orphan Black‘s close-knit “siblings.”

As Season 2 delves deeper into what makes Felix tick, the bond between Sarah and her foster bro will begin to fray, the show’s cast and creator revealed Saturday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena, Calif.

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“Season 1, Felix was very much an integral cog in the mystery,” said his protrayer Jordan Garavis. “What Season 2 helps to do is establish Felix outside of the clones, as an individual, with his own identity, and not just a plot device or to facilitate” Sarah’s story.

As a result, while Felix has always been there for her in the past, “his relationship with Sarah is tested,” teased Orphan creator Graeme Manson, before hinting that he will forge “new friendships and allegiances with other clones.”

Read on for more scoop on Cosima’s future, Alison’s “explosions” and more:

ON THE RUN | The panel kicked off with a sneak peek at Season 2’s breakneck opening sequence, which features Sarah frantically running in the rain as she leaves Felix a message, exclaiming, “They took Kira and Mrs. S!” She finds shelter in a diner and contacts Paul, but it’s Rachel who returns the call. (Hmm, something shady seems to be going on with Hot Paul and the pro-clone, who remarks that he’s the only one who knows what makes Sarah tick.) Then a pair of mysterious new bad guys enter the diner, talking about… eggs and chickens. We’ll just let you ponder that one until the show’s premiere on April 19.

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BIO HAZARD | Science nerd Cosima will be “facing her mortality” and “science gone wrong,” shared Tatiana Maslany. “It’s hard because she’s my favorite clone,” added Manson. “We’re putting her in this really heartbreaking position. She’s almost as brave as Sarah in a lot of ways. Narratively, examining her illness and looking into her science is part of our mystery.”

SUBURBAN CHAOS | Alison is “a tense person to begin with,” described Manson. “The secret that she’s keeping [about Aynsley’s death] is going to eat at her in an interesting way. She’s got some explosions coming up.”

TAKING CHANCES | The producers aren’t resting on their laurels in Season 2. “We are going to take some risks with our premise, and we are going push, technically, what we’ve done in the first season,” teased Manson.