Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on The Mentalist, NCIS, S.H.I.E.L.D., Blacklist, Bones, Hannibal and More

The Mentalist Lisbon Boyfriend SpoilersWho is The Mentalist‘s rival for Lisbon’s affections? Will NCIS host an U.N.C.L.E. reunion? What surprises does S.H.I.E.L.D. have on tap? Who’s hungry for romance on Hannibal? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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Matt, we heard that Lisbon is a getting a boyfriend on The Mentalist. What can you tell us about this guy? –Charlie
He sounds like a catch! FBI Special Agent Marcus Pike, who debuts in Episode 16, is described as “a charming man with integrity, a blue collar cop with FBI smarts.” When he brings in Jane and Lisbon to help track a band of art thieves, he takes an instant shine to the latter and sets out to sweep Lisbon off her feet. He’ll be around for at least five episodes, maybe more.

Will Robert Vaughn ever make a guest appearance on NCIS, paired up with David McCullum? I’d love to see a Man from U.N.C.L.E. reunion. –Bill
As would many readers of/writers to my column. I asked show boss Gary Glabserg about such a reunion, and he said that while the idea has “never been formally presented,” it has “always been something that’s in the ether, but then never materializes. But it’s something worth talking about, that’s for sure.”

Absolutely loved NCIS “Kill Chain” and I’m so ready for the upcoming episode, “Double Back”. But is this going to be the token “McGee angst” episode for the season, or is this emotional fallout going to continue on? –Leilani
No, I am hearing that the “McGee angst” will not be 100 percent nipped in the bud in the very next episode.

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Any word/news/spoilers/intel/info/revelations about The Blacklist? –Elisa
Episode 13 will introduce us to our second female Blacklister, Madeline Pope – and this gorgeous and formidable businesswoman has a bit of a (ahem) “past” with Red. In fact, one of them might end up “tied up” by episode’s end.

Just wondering why we are only getting to see one NCIS: LA in January. As a fan I am not happy. –Sharon
Does it turn your frown upside-down at all to hear that in trade you’ll get many fresh episodes in February/March…?

Do you have info on the upcoming season of Hannibal? I’d take any morsel of info you can find. –Hannah
Here’s a juicy morsel, indeed. Toward the end of Season 2, we will meet the recurring character of Margot, a patient of Dr. Lecter’s who has issues stemming from her serial killer twin brother’s abuse of her. (In fact, she once tried to kill her kin in retaliation!) So who, of course, will this broken women strike up a romance with? Yep — Will.

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Can I get some scoop on S.H.I.E.L.D.? –George
Now that we’ve finally been fed scraps of info on Coulson’s resurrection, the next reveal to wow you may involve Skye’s search for her momma. “There’s a lot more to the story of Skye’s parentage than meets the eye, and that comes up in the next couple of episodes,” Clark Gregg told me. “She turns out to have a mystery of her own, one that is as existentially startling and threatening as anything Coulson’s dealing with” — which is saying something! Oh, and Ming-Na shared with us this teaser about an upcoming episode: As Melinda May, “I get to put on an interesting outfit. Let’s put it that way.”

Will we see Johnny again on Justified this season? –Francine
Yes, you shall!

Do you have anything interesting on a Bones that you or Ausiello haven’t previously teased? –Cassidy
I’m not one to bust out the old “Have a Kleenex handy” line, but next Friday’s episode, in which Brennan comes to suspect that squintern Wendall’s hockey injury may be about something more, could very well open up your waterworks, thanks in part to the fine work of Emily Deschanel and director David Boreanaz.

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Matt, please explain how the ratings game works for TV shows. What numbers really matter to CBS/NBC/ABC etc? Which numbers matter to the advertisers? –Tory
Most simply said — and yes, someone will chime in below to nitpick this admittedly rudimentary answer – advertisers at most will give a fig about which of their ads are consumed within three days of broadcast, or the “C3” rating. The networks, understandably, would love to see C7 become the currency, but that’s an uphill battle. The Live+7 DVR viewership is of interest only the networks, as it gives a picture of the potential audience for a show (and also can sometimes nudge along international sales/syndication). I wrote 1,300 largely still-relevant words about it last year.

Just wondering if you have any info on when NBC’s Undateable will air. I was present when the pilot shot, and I thought the show was amazing. –Steve
I just checked with NBC, and there is zero word as of yet.

Any news on a wrap-up episode for The Glades? Just one episode? –Sue
Alas — and I hope Lying Game fans read this, too – it’s not that easy. By the time a show gets cancelled, it’s usually been months since filming on the final season stopped, so the actors are scattered about, the sets have been struck down…. It’s logistically difficult and not financially prudent to start back up the production machine just to bang out an hour of closure. Sorry!

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