Backstage Y&R Drama Heats Up: Eric Braeden Says Fired TV Son 'Wanted Me Off the Show'

Michael Muhney FiredThe real-life plot involving the firing of Young and the Restless star Michael Muhney has thickened considerably.

Muhney’s TV father, suds legend Eric Braeden, claims in a new interview that, despite rumors to the contrary, he did not have the actor axed. In fact, Braeden insists Muhney tried to have him removed from the soap.

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“We did have our differences, but for anyone to say that I had him fired is a lie,” Braeden told Radar, adding that the backstage tension recently culminated in a “shouting match” during which “all kinds of things were said… I don’t remember the specifics of who said what but what I do recall is that I was prompted to get into ‘fisticuffs’ with him because he wanted me off the show… It was a campaign to get me off the show. It was Muhney who wanted to get me off the show and he expressed that to various people.”

Muhney was dropped from Y&R in December after six years of playing Adam Newman. Although no official explanation has been given for his dismissal, a recent TMZ report claimed he was axed for allegedly groping the breasts of his 20-year-old co-star Hunter King (Summer).

In a Q&A with Huffington Post conducted immediately after his firing (but before the King allegations came to light), the former Veronica Mars sheriff side-stepped questions about Braeden’s possible role in his exit. He also expressed remorse “for when my character bled into my real life at times and if I was intense a few times.”

Muhney’s final Y&R episode is slated to air at the end of the month. The role of Adam is expected to be recast.