Did the Hostages Finale Tie Things Up Too Well?

Hostages Finale RecapThe following contains spoilers from the finale of Hostages.

And they (almost) all lived happily ever after…?

CBS’ Hostages wrapped up its 15-episode run on Monday night by finally sending Ellen into the OR to operate on President Kincaid — a crucible she managed to delay two weeks but no further, despite her and husband Brian’s best efforts.

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Of course, by the time the surgery finally came around, the Sanderses had hammered out a nifty Plan B with their captor Duncan, after throwing his cohorts off their scent by faking their son Jake’s cold-blooded murder. As a final wrinkle, Archer caught wind of his good friend’s deception and tracked down Jake, but ultimately — if only for a moment — cooler heads prevailed, as Duncan apologized for the switcheroo and loss of sizable payday. Alas, a clumsy and highly avoidable scuffle ensued, leaving Archer dead on the Sanders’ living room floor.

Prior to that, Duncan had to deal with Sandrine’s potential betrayal, confronting her and coercing her to instead return to doing his bidding — specifically, by finding out where Blair had hidden away his wife Nina and daughter Sawyer. Sandrine (more or less) came through, but it took a final bit of alliance-switching — Vanessa arranging some “alone time” for Duncan and Blair, who wound up dead by Duncan’s hand — to secure Nina and Sawyer’s freedom.

As for POTUS, Ellen performed the surgery with both Logan and the president’s physician watching her every move. When a “bleeder” presented itself prior to Ellen closing Kincaid up, Logan triggered a smoke grenade diversion to clear the room of prying eyes. But when Logan went to rejoin Ellen in the OR, she KO’d him with a syringe, fixed up POTUS and then procured his bone marrow. With the patient safe and sound, Ellen was warmly hugged by the First Lady — who had become wise to the assassination plot — to whom she slipped the marrow to get smuggled out.

In the end, the Sanders family reunited, despite hints that Ellen and Brian might go their separate(d) ways for a bit; Sandrine and Kramer were on their way off into the sunset, criminals in love; and Duncan turned himself into the cops, putting his wife and daughter in Burton’s care.

What did you think of Hostages‘ grand finale? Too pat, or a fitting finish to a “limited series”? Should CBS forgive the “meh” ratings and give this “15-episode thriller” format another try, with a new cast/hostage setting?

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