Sherlock Boss Steven Moffat on Pending Season 4 Renewal: 'Of Course It Will Happen'

Sherlock Season 4A fourth season of Sherlock is as inevitable as the iconic detective’s return from the dead.

On the eve of the PBS Masterpiece smash’s third season premiere (January 19, 9:59 pm), series cocreator Steven Moffat assures TVLine that the show will go on. And on. And (possibly) on some more.

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“I don’t suppose there’s an official commission for it yet, but of course it will happen,” he says of Season 4. “It’s inordinately successful. Assuming everyone was willing to turn up for it, which everyone apparently is, then we’ll carry on making them.”

Benedict Cumberbatch seems more than eager to turn up for a fourth season — and beyond. Last year, the crazy-busy actor told TVLine, “There’s no reason for us to stop if it’s still being adored and we still enjoy doing it. We only do three [episodes] at a time, so I think the normal fear of over-stretching the mark and just doing too many [doesn’t apply]. It’s good to leave people wanting more.

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“I’d like to see [Sherlock] getting older,” he continued. “We’re starting quite young. It’s rare to see Holmes and Watson at the beginning of their relationship; we usually join them in their mid-to-late 40s or 50s. I’ve got a way to go. I mean, I’m only [in my mid-30s].”

For his part, Moffat sees no end in sight for the franchise. Shares the exec: “From the POV of [cocreator] Mark [Gatiss] and myself, we would probably carry on a long while.”

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