Homeland Season 3 Finale Recap: Semper Falsus

Homeland Recap Brody Dies HangingWarning: The following recap, by the very nature of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from the Season 3 finale of Showtime’s Homeland.

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“Everywhere you go, people die,” disgraced Marine sergeant Nicholas Brody was told earlier this season on Showtime’s Homeland. “But you always manage to survive, like a cockroach after nuclear bombs go off.”

Well, la cucaracha esta muerta.

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As Season 3 of the spy drama neared its end, Brody had been deployed to Iran by the CIA, for the purpose of getting close to IRG boss Danesh Akbari and killing him, leaving agency plant Majid Javadi in charge. And though Brody salvaged the op and amazingly pulled off the execution — and this week, even more amazingly sneaked away, getting as far as to a safe house with Carrie, where they awaited extraction — he nonetheless wound up caught by the IRG, imprisoned, and sentenced to death by a military tribunal, as an enemy of the state.

Carrie railed at Javadi, who’d gotten the OK on this change to the op by new CIA boss Lockhart, acting on the president’s orders. Javadi, though, urged her to celebrate the success of the mission, which will only be stronger in Brody’s death. And though Brody asked her not to, Carrie was in attendance and looked on as he was publicly hanged before dusk.

Flashing forward four months….

* The embedding of Javadi has paid off — IAEA inspectors now have full access to Iran. It’s Saul’s “crowning achievement,” his wife says, even though it cost him his career at the CIA.

* A very pregnant Carrie meets with Lockhart, who invites her to lead the Istanbul bureau — a plum assignment, from where she’d handle Javadi. Carrie seizes the moment to ask if Brody can get a star at the CIA’s annual commemorative ceremony, but Lockhart stops short of  laughing in her face.

* Quinn tells Carrie that her unborn kid is a gift, and it’d be sad for her to mess things up as a parent the way he did. OK, random. Back home, we see that Carrie’s dad is aiming to make a rocking chair in anticipation of his granddaughter’s arrival. Carrie tells Dad and Maggie that she’s off to Istanbul, but not with the baby in tow. Maggie argues that the baby would ground her, but worst case, Dad offers to raise the little one.

* Dar Adal tells Saul he’s better off in the private sector, yet he can’t join him. Would Saul ever go back to the CIA? “Never,” he claims, though Dar questions it.

* At the commemorative ceremony, Lockhart hails the “America’s heroes” being remembered. Once the crowd has cleared, Carrie hangs back, gabs with Saul. He calls her Istanbul appointment “wonderful” and deserved. She in turn celebrates his big, final win, and wishes him well in New York City. Later that night, Carrie visits the wall of commemorative stars and adds one, for Brody, with the scribble of a marker.

What did you think of Homeland‘s Season 3 finale? Too much closure?

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