Chicago Fire Fall Finale Recap: Watch Your Head

Chicago Fire Season 2 RecapOn Tuesday’s Chicago Fire fall finale, the team felt the sweet taste of victory before being dealt a major blow to one of their own.

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With only 24 hours to go before they’re shut down, the men and women of Firehouse 51 band together to save their jobs. The little boy that Severide rescued shows up with some neighborhood moms who are disappointed about the shutdown. While the kid sets up shop with a little-signed petition, everyone else takes a different approach to the task. Severide rallies the troops, enlisting the support of some fellow firefighters. In exchange, he agrees to teach a basic training class. Casey, meanwhile, asks Antonio to find something criminal on McLeod, but he comes up empty. Mouch, however, hits the jackpot when he finds out that the consultant doesn’t have to close another house. However, if she reduces the budget by 10 percent, then she will get a hefty bonus.

But it’s Mills who comes in for the save. After a very public display of support from the neighborhood and fire department, which attracts even the local news media, Chief Boden and McLeod are both called in to meet with the senator, who employs Mills’ girlfriend Isabella. She ends up laying into McLeod – excuse me, Gail – threatening her to sign off on the end of her reign of terror. And if she doesn’t, Isabella promises Gail that she won’t even be able to get a job as a meter maid.

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The feat even manages to bridge the sometimes shaky relationship between Boden and Mills. When the Chief thanks Mills for what he did, he just replies, “It was all because of you.”

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Unfortunately, the celebration is marred by Casey and Dawson’s first lovers’ spat. She’s been accepted to be a firefighter, but her boyfriend isn’t exactly congratulating her.

“You tend to leap before you look sometimes,” he says honestly. Then he suggests she talk to some female firefighters before making her decision, but the damage seems to be done.

When she announces to the house that she’s accepted the position, Casey is surprised. There’s no time to talk, though, as the team is called to a burning building. And here’s where it gets really bad. Boden orders everyone to evacuate, but Casey heads back inside to save a baby and ends up getting hit in the head by a falling beam.

“Not like this!” Dawson cries out as they ride in the ambulance with Casey bleeding pretty profusely. The waterworks only increase as she watches him being prepped for surgery.

Meanwhile, sitting amongst his colleagues in the hospital waiting room — a nice callback to the pilot — Mills finally comes to a decision about his career. “I just wanted to let you guys know I’m a firefighter, and I will always be a firefighter,” he declares.

Finally, Antonio arrives to take away Jeff, who’s now a suspect in the murder of his wife’s shady ex.

Chicago Fire fans, what did you think of the episode? What do you suspect will happen to Casey? And can you see Dawson as a firefighter? Head to the comments with your thoughts, but first, grade the hour via the poll below!