The Originals Fall Finale Recap: Regime Change

The Originals Season 1 RecapNew Orleans crowned a new king on Tuesday’s midseason finale of The Originals.

After taking back his throne, Klaus attempts to prove to Marcel’s crew that he doesn’t intend to make more hybrids using his baby’s blood. To that end, he orders that the werewolves in the bayou be killed, which doesn’t please Hayley, who’s just discovered her wolfy tribe.

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She calls upon Elijah and Rebekah to protect her family, and he agrees, of course, because as his sis puts it, he’s fallen for the girl. Surprisingly, Rebekah doesn’t seem too upset about the flirtation since it “may do wonders for the stick that’s lodged up your enduringly stoic ass,” she tells Elijah. Later, as Hayley thanks the Original for his help, there’s an almost-kiss. (You knew it wasn’t going to happen — the torturous slowplay is just too good.)

But it’s more than just feelings that are exposed in the woods. They discover a new pack of werewolves who are part of Klaus’ true father’s bloodline. You’d think this would please the hybrid, but he insists he’s had enough of family. Still, he secretly asks Father Kieran to protect the wolves he’s ordered to be killed.

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Meanwhile, Hayley’s not sitting idly by back at the homestead. She vows to find a way to pay back Klaus for what’s done, and she starts formulating her plan by cozying up to Davina. After introductions are made — “You’re Klaus’ wife” “Ew” — she opens the young witch’s eyes up to Marcel’s manipulations. Davina, in turn, asks Josh for help in getting out and then visits Cami, painfully undoing all of Klaus’ compulsion on the blonde.

It all comes back around to Klaus, who finds ruling New Orleans a bit difficult. He doesn’t have the vampires’ loyalty or respect, and he makes enemies with the human faction, killing them all off except for Kieran. So he tries to make amends and invites Marcel to rule with him as “equals, friends, brothers.” He accepts, but Rebekah, spurned that Marcel chose her brother over her again, reminds him of what happened next in 1919 and that she knows the words that will make Klaus hate him. Hmm, intriguing…

The bridge-building continues as Elijah tells his brother that he doesn’t make it easy to love him. Klaus responds by inviting him and Rebekah to come join him at the family home when they’re ready. I believe that’s what you call progress!

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