Once Upon a Time Preview: Will a 'Bomb Under the Table' Blow Up the Storybrooke Reunions?

This Sunday on Once Upon a Time, in the penultimate episode of the ABC drama’s Neverland arc, there will be many happy reunions as our heroes splash down in Storybrooke — and yet a hidden and very real danger lies in wait.

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Even though the puckish Peter Pan stowed away in Henry’s body as Hook’s ship disembarked from Neverland, “The Jolly Roger is not going to take a detour. It is going to find its way back to Storybrooke,” assures series coceator Eddy Kitsis. “And what happens there is where it gets exciting.”

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As seen in the photos below, when the likes of Rumple, Snow, Emma and Wendy are reunited with Belle, the Dwarfs, Granny and the Darling bros, “People think it’s time to celebrate,” Kitsis previews. “Everyone’s going to come home to Storybrooke without realizing that there’s a bomb under the table,” since Pan is able to plot his next, dastardly move in plain sight.

And plot away he will, because the leader of Lost Boys is not about to give up without a fight that which he gave up so much to attain.

“What drives Pan is self-preservation. He is somebody who wants to be 14 for the rest of his life, somebody who is completely selfish and is willing to give up his own child and, as you saw [last week], has no regrets about it,” Kitsis notes. “He really the worst, most selfish part of all of us.”

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Flip through the photos for a sneak peek at “The New Neverland,” airing Sunday at 8/7c. If you want more Once scoop, email insideline@tvline.com and your Q may be answered via Matt’s Inside Line.

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