Once Upon a Time Recap: No Regrets

Once Upon a Time Pan Trades Places With HenryThis week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Regina’s belief in her wicked ways paid dividends during a pivotal confrontation with Peter Pan. But would Neverland’s It Boy nonetheless end up having the last laugh?

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IN THE STORYBROOKE THAT WAS…. | Following a brief flashback to Fairytale Land, where just prior to the curse Rumple told Regina that trading her father’s heart for power has left her with a hole in her heart that one day she will come to him to fill, we revisit Storybrooke circa 11 years ago. There, Regina shares to Archie this “nothing” feeling she has. He says that being such a driven woman can leave “a hole,” that while she may love the life she has created, she has no one to share it with. Remembering how that visit from young Owen Flynn sparked something in her, Regina in fact asks Gold for help in adopting a child. He is happy to oblige — “I’m sure you’ll make… well, a mother of some sort” — yet warns that wanting and being ready for motherhood are different things, that it will require putting the child first no matter what.

Soon enough, Gold notifies Regina that a Boston couple’s adoption of a baby born in a Phoenix prison fell through. At the Beantown adoption agency, Regina is reminded this is a closed adoption, meaning she and the bio parents can never make contact. Back home, Regina has her hands full trying to soothe wee Henry — even a semi-earnest “Once upon a time…” story only earns her a glop of spit-up. The diagnosis, per Dr. Whale: “He’s a crying baby.” The prescription: “Ten cc’s of maternal love.” But that’s not good enough for Regina, who wants to ascribe Henry’s unhappiness to a malady, so she summons Sydney Glass to get the 411 on her baby’s folks. When that fax comes through, Regina roars to Gold: “You knew!” — that Henry’s mother had been found in the woods outside Storybrooke 18 years ago. Gold, though, has to play dumb — remember, Regina at this point wasn’t sure that he was in on the curse — so he has great fun in making her jump through verbal hurdles. (“His mother is… what?”) Determined to have her revenge, Regina returns to the adoption agency to cede the baby, but ultimately changes her mind, telling smiley, googly Henry that he’s the only one in all the realms who believes in her. Who is thus out of luck in laying their hands on baby Henry? John and Michael Darling.

Back in Storybrooke at the family crypt, Regina tells baby Henry another “Once upon a time…” story — this time, her own. In doing so, she explains how she can’t raise him worry-free if she knows that “evil” (aka his mother the Savior) is lurking out there, so she ingests a potion that makes her forget that none-too-small fact, affording the two of them a chance at “happily ever after.”

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IN NEVERLAND…. | Regina casts a preservation spell on Henry, giving them about an hour to retrieve his ticker. The first step: Rounding up the Lost Boys and playing upon their own anxieties/need for a home to coax intel about Pan’s whereabouts. Though Felix is impervious to their angle, one of the other boys blabs that Pan is probably at his “thinking tree.” Emma, Snow and Regina make tracks for the tree, where they are promptly ensnared in its vise-like vines. “Don’t you know Peter Pan never fails?” the brat boasts as he emerges from the jungle. Applauding the mothers’ tenacity, he says that the only place they will reunite with their dear Henry is in death.

Pan shares the tree’s history, how it is where he gave up his own son, Rumplestiltskin, as to be young forever. (Sadly, the ladies aren’t allowed anywhere close to a sufficient double-take at this bombshell.) Pan then explains how the vines feed off the regret inside you, such as what Emma feels for letting Henry down or what Snow feels for being a bad mother herself. Snarky Regina then interrupts, “There’s one problem” with Pan’s plan. “I did cast a curse that devastated an entire population. I have tortured and murdered. I’ve done some terrible things,” she recounts. “I should be overflowing with regret — but I’m not. Because it got me my son.” And on that note, she busts free from the vines and thrusts her mitt into Pan’s chest to reclaim Henry’s heart, and soon after transplants it back into her kid, aboard the Jolly Roger. (For good measure, she casts a spell to keep Henry’s pumper from being pilfered again.) Later, as the ship’s about to set sail, Pan sneaks into Henry’s cabin and attempts to steal his shadow — but Rumple, freshly released from Pandora’s Box, intervenes, sucking Pan into the magical cube. Or so we thought….

We realize at episode’s end that the cry of “Noooo!” that Pan let out as he was entrapped was not his own, but Henry’s — that Pan used his last bit of magic to swap his soul with the lad’s, meaning the true Henry is now in Pandora’s Box. “Henry” shares his sleight of hand in private with Felix, saying, “Now it’s time to play….”

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Notable quotables:
“Storybrooke is a hidden a gem… like a fairytale.”
“We don’t meet a lot of Henrys these days. It’s very Old World.”
“You have your parents, you have this… person, and a pirate who pines for you….”

What did you think of  “Save Henry”? Next week: The penultimate Neverland episode.

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  1. Nick says:

    Was it just me that Henry having Pan’s heart was really obvious? Also we need more episodes like this, where the whole thing is about Regina, she’s the only character I like at this point, including Rumple.

    • Andrew says:

      What do you mean, exactly?

      Pan needed Henry’s heart to become immortal and he got it. Then, Regina ripped it out — which led Pan to do the body/soul swap right before Rumple opened the box.

      I do agree about Regina, though: The episode was way better than the last 8 combined, probably because it focused on her pre/post curse.

    • Mary says:

      Henry didn’t have Pan’s heart. Regina got the right heart. There was a switch that occurred between Henry and Pan as Pan was trying to rip away Henry’s shadow as Rumple was drawing him into Pandora’s box. That’s why Pan and Henry’s eyes flashed.

      • gdv says:

        When Regina first retrieved the heart I, too, thought it was Pan’s. But it looks like she did get the right heart and Pan just switched his soul with Henry’s right before Rumple put him in the box.

  2. Jan says:

    Good episode until the end. I don’t know if I will be able to watch anymore. Pan is so awful and Henry is pretty unappealing too. My only interests are Emma and Hook and Gold and Belle.

    • Jan says:

      Yes, I do like to follow Regina too.

    • Laura Aliaga says:

      Agreed, I’m just about done with OUAT, this year has been unbearable and just when I thought the Neverland story was over, they found a way to make it even more tedious and annoying.

      • Maryann says:

        I am usually not particularly fond of episodes that focus on Regina; the writers have not quite figured out how to write her evenly, and last season’s fluctuations between Regina’s backsliding back into “evil queen” mode and her trying-to-do-better mode were just annoying. However, I really loved the flashbacks in this episode. I had never been able to quite get a grasp on what her relationship with Henry really was, and what her motivations were for adopting him. This made it clear that she really does love him. So I want to thank the writers for this one.

  3. steve says:

    Henry’s actor is going to be horrible at playing Pan.

    • Joey says:

      Henry’s actor is already horrible at playing Henry.

    • taran63 says:

      But with this body swap, there’s a slim chance that Henry could be recast. That would be a massive improvement, especially if the writers insist on using Henry as an important part of the show.

      • mel says:

        What is that chance of him being recast?

        • Meg says:

          I’m assuming the taran63 is implying that Henry will stay in Pan’s body so Robbie Kay would portray him instead.

          • wordsmith says:

            I think that would be a fantastically clever move on the writers’ part, if they have the stones to actually go there.
            I agree that Jared Gilmore is clearly the weak link in the cast, and Robbie Kay would be a vast improvement.

      • Mary says:

        No he won’t. They will get Henry back to his own body so there won’t be a recast.

      • Please dear OUAT gods do this! I LOVE that kid who plays Pan. He stands up to Robert Carlisle and Lana Parilla in scenes and doesn’t give an inch. I don’t subscribe to the hate on the poor kid who plays Henry but he is just not up to the part. Henry is central to everything in this show and there is so much outrageously good talent on this show that the poor kid is overwhelmed in every scene with every adult. I would do excessive happy dances if they just swapped the kids and put Henry Pan in the box.

    • Cheeky says:

      Ha my first comment when the show ended too

  4. Joey says:

    Is it an unpopular opinion to say it would be nice if this body switch led to getting rid of Jared Gilmore and keeping Robbie Kay?

  5. Fernando says:

    This episode just proved how amazing Lana/Regina/evil queen is

  6. Mike R. says:

    Jared Gilmore is no way near talented enough to play Pan, but the rest of the episode was great, the more Regina the better.

  7. Dan says:

    As if Henry isn’t bad enough, we now have, what? Reanimated, possessed, back from the dead Henry. I can hardly wait. No doubt he’ll be hurling pea soup any day now. Kill it. KILL IT WITH FIRE.

  8. Johnny Bananas says:

    Gold wasn’t playing dumb. He didn’t remember anything until he met Emma for the first time in Storybrooke.

    • Ally says:

      But they played around with it. If zero of Rumple’s memories bled into Gold some of his comments in this episode wouldn’t make sense. Like that comment about how a parent needs to put their child first and we all know that’s not what Rumple did in the past and he sounded full of regret when he told Regina that.

      • Joey says:

        The writers have already confirmed that Gold didn’t have any memories at all until he heard Emma’s name in the pilot episode. Anything he did or said while under the curse is probably due to something he built into it before he gave it to Regina in the first place.

      • Cass says:

        Gold could have those feelings without actually having Rumple’s memories, though. Or perhaps he had a fake curse-son whom he also lost somehow.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Hmmm. Not quite how I remember it, but I’m getting on in my years. Because he really seemed to be toying with her in tonight’s scene.

      • xav says:

        That’s what has been confirmed by actors and Kitsis/Horowitz but they seem to vacillate on whether Gold knew/didn’t know quite a bit

      • AnotherGuest says:

        True enough, remember in this episode when he was still in Jail after Regina did the curse; he was Rumble then, so he was always in with the curse. Also Regina wasn’t too smart on the first show, he have refresh her dumb memory on Emma was the savior in this show. Only Jesus is our savior in real life.

  9. majamababe says:

    Getting tired of the Pan character. Wish they would finish that storyline and move on to something else.

    • Olivia says:

      Ditto. Kay is obviously a decent actor but this Neverland stuff is boring me. The set, the lack of some characters, the “storylines”… they’ve been dragging it out for too long already.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Neverland is an 11-episode arc. Always has been, and I have repeatedly mentioned that fact since August. Tonight was Episode 9.

      • Put Henry on a Bus says:

        We can still be sick of it. And it certainly feels like it’s already taken up 22 episodes.

      • tp says:

        FRAK! We still have 2 more episodes of this crap?! I might be giving up on this show until after the hiatus.

      • Tenney says:

        I think I might be in the minority, but I liked the Neverland arc and I love Robbie Kay; He’s a fantastic actor that plays Pan perfectly. What I can’t stand is the same storyline of Regina hating on the Charmings and trying to break them up or trying to kill Snow and based on the previews for next week, we may be seeing some of that again. How many times can they go back to the Enchanted Forest and show us another flashback of Regina hating on the Charmings and/or Snow? At least the Neverland arc was finally something different.

        • Nicki Dreyer says:

          I liked most of neverland – up until it started to drag on [loved the belle/ariel arc] – it kinda seems like they committed to 11 neverland episodes, but they ran out of ideas and had to stretch things out to fulfill the commitment. Hated last episode and the one before, this one was better, but i yelled at the tv at the realization Pan is coming to storybrook [ i just thought neverland went to christmas break and didn’t bother counting episodes]

    • Sara Arnoldi says:

      Well, the NeverLand’s storyline is VERY slow, but Im going to miss NL somehow, i love NL!

  10. Shanna says:

    Sick of Pan. Please let this storyline end.

  11. Ally says:

    Easily my favorite episode of the season, probably one of the best OUAT has ever done. Loved every single bit, from the first second to the very last. Kitsis was spot on too. Lana Parrilla killed it. Brilliant work by her, Carlyle and Kay were good too. And I don’t know what’s up with the Henry/Gilmore hate. I like him just fine. Nice to see Archie and Dr. Whale again too. Favorite scenes: Evil Queen and Rumple, almost all of Regina and baby Henry but especially the scenes when she decides to keep him and the potion scene, tree of regret, Henry is saved on board of the ship, Regina ensures Henry’s heart can’t be taken again, Emma and David at the end.

    • Dovey says:

      I also don’t understand all the negative comments about the actor playing Henry. I’m looking forward to seeing him play Peter Pan.

    • Alex says:

      I don’t think he’s as good as Robbie Kay, but that’s because I think Kay’s exceptionally good as Pan. That being said, I definitely don’t think he’s awful and I don’t really get all the hate, either.

  12. Ian says:

    Yeah, I came here entirely to comment about how awful the prospect of Jared having to play Pan is going to be, and nearly every comment already here is saying that exact same thing. That whole role desperately needs a recast.

    I find the Felix actor just as unbearable as well, and now those two actors’ characters will be teaming up!

  13. Alex says:

    Commenting to appreciate the pic used for the article. I love episodes where we can see Henry’s mothers working together, be it by combining magic or simply teaming their efforts to save their son and save the day.

  14. Eric says:

    So now the two worst actors on the show (by far) are going to have to ‘play’ each other? *shudder*

    • GTS says:

      The person portraying Peter Pan is excellent! He makes you dislike him, which is what he is supposed to do.

    • Sara says:

      Robbie Kay’s Pan was spot on. He’s a great actor but Jared Gilmore, not so much. Probably too much to hope that they make Robbie play Henry from now on.

    • abz says:

      Robbie Kay? One of the two worst actors? Are you blind? He’s the best casting decision the show’s made since I don’t know, the original cast!

      • Larc says:

        Casting Robbie was a great decision, but I don’t know if it surpasses choosing Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter.

        • abz says:

          I like Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter and would love to see him again, but I just think Kay is fantastic as Pan. Plus, we’ve gotten to see more of Pan than we did the Mad Hatter.

  15. mel says:

    I am so surprised to read favorable comments about tonight episode. It was the worst one. Everything that happened was boringly predictable. They just needed to quickly end that arc and obviously ending well for everyone. OK, Pan is in Henry’s body (and as the other comment that will be HORRIBLE because of the casting)., but that actually makes it interesting for what’s coming next. Pan is a really complex and interesting character. Although I am sort of tired of him already. If we get to see Robbie Kay that would be better. He is excellent, while Jared Gilmore is effectively quite mediocre, and Henry is generally annoying.

    • GTS says:

      The whole first half of this season was supposed to be about saving Henry. Halfway pay through the episode Regina pulls out Pan’s heart, and puts it back in Henry during the commercial break. That ends it pretty quickly.

  16. Reblogged this on fangirlinggoneheinous and commented:

  17. Cass says:

    Is it me or did this episode not actually answer any of the questions surrounding Henry’s adoption (how did Neal and Emma’s kid end up in Boston?) and raise a bunch of new ones as well (did Gold, contrary to Horowitz’s line for the last year, always know he was Rumple? How can SB phones work with the outside world? How can Regina go traipsing around the real world?)?

    • Ginger Snap says:

      It reinforced my theory that Pan has been quite involved in all things Rumple for quite sometime. Now if they get down to the business of telling us just how much he was involved in the prophecy, I will be satisfied.

    • Joey says:

      Well, that is a lot of questions, but as far as Regina goes, she mentioned it in S2 to Cora and Hook, she could leave Storybrooke at any time because she wasn’t actually cursed. The only thing the curse did to her was take her to “our” world.

    • Will says:

      We actually never got confirmation previously that Regina couldn’t leave Storybrooke, just everyone else. As the person who put the spell in motion, it makes sense that if anyone could come and go, it would be her.

    • Will says:

      The only people who couldn’t leave Storybrooke were those affected by the curse. Henry, Emma, August…they were able to come and go, so it makes complete sense Regina would be able to, as well.

    • GTS says:

      I forget what state Emma was in jail in, but Henry was going to a family who lived in Boston, but the adoption fell through.

      • Stormy says:

        Henry was born in Phoenix. Gold said a couple in Boston’s adoption fell through. This made no sense to me because Henry would be a ward of the state and most likely placed within Arizona. Deus ex machina.

    • xav says:

      Everything Storybrooke works with the outside world.

    • Sara Arnoldi says:

      excuse my ignorance but I didnt get if were John & Michael Darling meant to be a couple for Henry’s adoption?

  18. nats says:

    Best ep of the season by far! Regina is a fantastic and complex character. Love her and she is the biggest reason why I watch the show every sunday. Eddy was right ”Lana killed it”. She was fantastic and made me cry at least two times.
    Now, no one can doubt Regina is Henry’s mother!
    All the awards for Lana Parrilla!!

    • Ginger Snap says:

      I agree with you. Can’t understand all the haters. This was maybe the best episode of the season.
      And now the new Neverland – which sounds like it will be Storybrooke.

  19. Mary says:

    I love this episode! Regina’s centric episodes are by far the best ones from all the seasons. And I’m not saying this just because I’m a huge Regina fan. It’s true! All the other chapters of this seasons have had their boring moments (people stopping to chat in the middle of the jungle while the kid they are trying to safe is still with a fearful enemy, among others). But this episode was full of meaningful scenes. The same had happened on the other seasons.
    So, I think what I’m trying to say is…
    Kudos! this episode was awesome!

  20. did I miss something?? I though charming couldn’t leave the island…..

  21. Kre says:

    Could someone clear this up for me. When Regina drank that potion, was she trying to erase her memories, and if so, did it work? Because I always thought Regina was the only one to keep her memories.

    Also one of the best episodes in the past two seasons.

  22. Danielle says:

    I am SO SICK of Regina. Though I do agree with you guys on Henry being equally as annoying. This never land arc is just so old now. Time to high tail it back to storybrooke for a, hopefully, better second half of the season.

    • Katie says:

      How can you be sick of Regina? She’s had two centric episodes this season.

      • abz says:

        Exactly. She’s awesome and hilarious. Also, I’m getting so sick of seeing people complaining about the Neverland arc. Ok, several people don’t like it, but it’s not like it wasn’t specified how long it was gonna last. They said time and time again that it will take place over the first 11 episodes. People need to accept it!!

      • Jo says:

        People have different favorites. While Regina may only have two flashbacks this season, she’s still heavily featured in other flashbacks. Three years of Regina and Rumple having their own plus heavily featured in other character’s flashbacks is a lot. So if you aren’t a big fan of either character it becomes tiring. Give me some flashbacks that don’t involve either of them. I’m dying to know more about Emma’s life. Heck I’ll even take yet another Baelfire episode if it’s about how he survived after he left Neverland.

  23. Mari says:

    The actress did a good job, but I’m really tired of flashbacks and current lines that include Regina’s self pity. She doesn’t have anyone because she’s rejected and / killed everyone who’s cared about her or had the potential to care about her. Hearing her complain about it now with no appparent self awareness of her own blame in it impossible to root for anything she does.

    I think they either need to keep her a full blown villain or at least make her self aware enough that a redemption arc is at least a believable possibility.

    • Amy says:

      Regina is like the female Rumple they are self loathing grey characters that will only find redemption at the end of the series.

      • Mari says:

        The problem for me is that they haven’t bothered to make her grey. They just keep her black with a giant side dish of poor me that she 90% doesn’t deserve – almost all of her misery is self caused.

        Having occasional episodes where she’s not abusing her son or not actively killing people doesn’t make her grey -especially in an episode where she is upset about not having anyone but Henry but has no conscience issues about mass murderer and ruining lives. A grey character would at least have a qualm or two.

        • Olivia says:

          I get that you don’t like the character — to each their own — but saying that she’s not a grey character and abusing her son is very biased. Don’t state it as fact because many would disagree with that and say that she and Rumple are pretty much the definition of grey characters on OUAT, with Hook not far behind. Hell, even the good guys (Snow, Red, August etc) have done questionable things, none of them is all white and a saint. True black characters, as you put it, don’t make people root for them. Their purpose is to be the ennemy, end of. They never venture into frennemy territory. Ever.
          Thank God tortured souls and villains are allowed to be vulnerable and complain about their lives too, and that good guys also do bad stuff at some point because otherwise we’d have the most boring shows/movies/books ever lol.
          If bad guys can show humanity in some way, have conflicted feelings, doubt and even do good things sometimes… well, they’re pretty grey to me lol (and I personally want to see it).

          • Mari says:

            Did she beat him? That’s definitely not happened so far. But there are other kinds of abuse, and mental abuse/neglect is one of them. I can give you examples of her being abusive–trying to convince Henry he was crazy for years on end (established first season) and magically messing with his mind (second season).

            Enemies don’t make you root for them? Evil characters don’t get people emotionally involved? That’s stating opinion as fact. There are plenty of evil characters that manage to be evil and extremely interesting, as well as sympathetic occasionally, without being particularly grey.

            And, yes, bad guys can show humanity. It’s often interesting. For me, the problem with the Regina character is that she __doesn’t__ seem to be conflicted at all most of the time. It makes her cartoony, and harder to sympathize with. The majority of her angst seems to come NOT from painful places like her own abusive mother, but from things she did herself and then seemed to promptly forget she did.

          • xav says:

            Actually, it wasn’t confirmed in the first season as Regina didn’t know he knew about the curse until the first episode.

          • Mari says:

            What needed to be confirmed? She knew everyone around him was waging while he wasn’t. She knew the bits he let slip to her were true. I’m not sure what is unconfirmed.

          • Olivia says:

            “Enemies don’t make you root for them” > um, I never said that?
            That’s precisely my point though: you CAN root for a enemy if said enemy is a grey type of villain, not definitely a black character like you say. I said that what I consider being a black character is one that doesn’t have any redeemable trait and that is written specifically with the purpose of not being liked. So yes, in my eyes: real “black” villain = enemy and can never be anything else because it would defeat the purpose of such a character. We obviously see things differently so agree to disagree, but please re read my comment before making bizarre interpretations, thank you.

        • xav says:

          Yes, her parents abused her and her boyfriend was murdered and she was forced to marry a much older man and be a parent to a fellow teenager. Totally self-caused misery. *eyeroll*

          • Mari says:

            I didn’t say everything g was her fault. But not having love? Her fault. Not having friends? Her fault. Not having a good relationship with her tween stepchild? Her fault. Having entire Enchanted Forest think she’s evil? Slaughtering villages will do that. No father? Again her fault. Frightening her son so much he begs you not to kill people and repeatedly tries to be with other people? Huh, her fault, too.

            Yes her mom was abusive but Regina arguably did not even have the worst childhood on the show and is pretty much the only character who writes off the feelings and damage of anyone who isn’t her.

          • Meg says:

            However, it’s also true, that all the people she’s made suffer had nothing to do with those circumstances.

        • xav says:

          I think you’re confused about the difference between remorse and regret. They’re two different things.

          • Louise says:

            This. I don’t understand why so many people in fandom are always obsessing about regret and the villains paying for what they’ve done. Nothing they could do or that could be done to them can change the paths of history. And I don’t blame either Regina or Rumple if they can’t regret the journeys they went on if they resulted in them being with their children (again). They can and should show remorse, yes. But the fact that they don’t go around screaming their remorse from the rooftops of Storybrooke doesn’t mean they don’t feel it either. In fact it’s very obvious that they do if one pays attention.

    • xav says:

      Rejected/killed everyone. So a fairy trying to fix her up in a relationship that would have ended up with Robin dead and her father? Who else?

  24. greysfan says:

    Just when i thought PAN WAS GONE FINALLY! they do this. This whole Pan storyline has really bugged me. Time to move on please!!! At first i thought it was going to be a couple of episodes long but then it kept getting longer and longer and then finally i thought we can move on they do this. Henry is annoying sure but Pan is 100x worse. I just want them to end this already.

    In saying all of this, this was one of the strongest episodes of the season in regards to Regina’s back story. Up until that moment on the ship when i realised Pan was in fact in Henry’s body i was really pleased with the quality of the episode. Lana Parilla is an awesome actress and she does an amazing job. I also love the Regina and Emma scenes. I do love them working together.

  25. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    Great episode with the storyline.

  26. Jennifer says:

    I haven’t read the recap yet… ’cause I haven’t made it past the screen cap that was chosen for the header! Bwahaha!

  27. Jennifer says:

    I loved almost every single thing about this episode. Loved the back story and everything about Regina in both time lines and Lana’s performance. Didn’t see the twist coming and loved it. Probably my favorite episode of the season and definitely one of my favorites of the series.

  28. ninergrl6 says:

    Regina-centric episodes bore me, as have most of the flashbacks this entire season, so tonight’s episode did nothing for me. I liked the Henry/Pan twist at the end, but if the whole Neverland storyline had been told linearly, without the (pointless IMO) flashbacks, Henry would’ve been saved 2 months ago. MOVE ON ALREADY. Don’t bog storylines down with flashbacks unless they’re truly relevant and revelatory, like learning Hook’s backstory & the healing property of the water. That propelled the progression of the storyline. Tonight’s flashbacks didn’t. We know enough about Regina, Rumple, Snow, Charming, etc. already. Move things FORWARD, not backward.

    • Jennifer says:

      Despite whether or not you liked it, I don’t understand how you could possibly say tonight’s flashback was neither relevant nor revelatory. As for propelling the plot forward, that is the goal of the current timeline and tonight’s did that- in spades.

  29. abz says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. I didn’t expect that ending, and although I’m not happy about the idea of Henry playing Pan, I’m still excited for what’s to come.
    I hope we get some Emma flashbacks soon. Maybe we will with Christopher Gorham guest starring on the show.

  30. meresger says:

    I can’t believe this show is now going to stoop to an evil Freaky Friday plot twist complete with the “Don’t shoot ME, I’m the REAL Henry!” scene. They are really pulling the over-used tropes out for mid-season. I shudder to think what the second half will contain.

  31. rk535 says:

    I love this episode so much!! Regina is just amazing. Really fantastic. Glad to see them out of Neverland. Really loved seeing Tinkerbell tonight! one of my favorite lines of the episode was “As you wish.” Always swoon!

  32. Shan says:

    I liked the episode, but had a few issues with it. Why disgress on that? What I liked was that Rumple came through and tried to help Henry although not knowing the soul switch which I am surprised he did not catch. I also liked Regina admitting she had know regrets, because that would not make her her if she did. Emma is suppose to be the savior but for the past two seasons the writers have not really allowed her to be a mother, savior or daughter etc.. and she seems like a side line character at times. I liked that tink got some magic back as she started to believe in herself. Overall okay but still a lot of mixed feelings and questions and hopefully answers. I know how Rumple knew which kid to get, but still who is/was his outside contact? How did Pan know to get Henry even as a baby and how did Pan get Henry’s picture? If Tamara was after Henry all along wouldn’t she had tried sooner last season?

  33. Shan says:

    Even though Pan’s story arc is kind of irritating sometimes, i am glad they did not end it with Regina getting Henry’s heart back because I would have been that was it that was the big show down? I am not sure if the kid who plays the “real” Henry can do evil though and i thought the kid who plays Pan got better at being evil. Seriously why keep Wendy for so long? I have other questions too. I am kind of wondering if we will see characters from season 1 again like Ruby we haven’t seen her in awhile. Why wasn’t Emma there with Regina comforting Henry too and why leave Henry alone while still in Neverland? How did Pan sneak on board when they have powerful beings that should have detected him. What did Pan do to Neverland? Neverland was light and beautiful of sorts when Rumple and his dad went there and then Pan turned it dark as in every episode Neverland was dark.

    • Stormy says:

      Because the scenes of boy Rumpel and Malcolm were shot outside at a lake shore. The rest were shot on a soundstage with fake jungle and CGI.

  34. amanda says:

    I loved this episode, definitely my favorite this season. I loved Regina flashbacks and she was great in Neverland too. Lana Parrilla did an amazing job, as always.

  35. Tim says:

    Best episode of season 3. Waiting this long for the flashback of how the baby came to Storybrooke was worth it. We got the perfect emotional pay off in the parallels between Regina and Henry in Neverland and in Storybrooke.

  36. ihr says:

    I loved everything Regina and Henry in this episode. Finally setting the record straight.
    Regina was and is a devoted mother. Her love for her son is one of her redeeming qualities. She has come a long way since she cast the curse. Just look at her scenes with Emma, Tink and Henry. We need more of this.

  37. Meg says:

    Why has Regina always chosen to stay in Storybrooke with people she hates when she can leave any time. They would still be cursed so she would still have revenge, and she could’ve gone to live anywhere else in the world along with henry.

    • Stormy says:

      She wouldn’t have magic or any employment skills. How would she support herself and Henry? Do you think she’d be happy going from Queen/Mayor to working at McDonald’s?

      • xav says:

        She didn’t have magic in Storybrooke either. Minor outside magic that anyone could use if they knew about it, yeah, but not the kind of magic she had after Gold brought magic back.

        • Stormy says:

          She fashioned Storybrooke so that she would be in charge. She, as mayor, called the shots and Gold owned the town. She wouldn’t have any of that in the outside world.

          • Meg says:

            It was shown in ‘welcome to storybrooke’ that even with all of that she wasn’t happy, she didn’t seem to like people blindly following her orders. After the events of that episode, a whole 18 years passed before she adopted Henry, it just doesn’t make sense to me that she would’ve stayed there that whole time or, after adopting Henry, not left for a brand new start. Especially after she found out who Henry’s bio mum was, them being in Storybrooke was required to set in motion the events that led Henry to track down Emma, never would’ve happened if they’d been living in say London.

          • Stormy says:

            Maybe a living elsewhere option wasn’t part of the curse.

      • Meg says:

        With her cunning intelligence she would’ve been CEO of McDonald’s in no time.

    • Miss VCI says:

      1. this is OUAT universe which already requires a bigger suspension of disbelief.
      2. I still think Regina wouldn not have age outside Storybooke because of the curse which would raise some eyebrows 18 years later
      3. Even she only gave herself a backstory concerning storybooke, which i don’t think could translate to somewhere else.
      4. Although she was dissatisfied with blind obedience, she still wanted to see snow suffer along with the rest of the townsfolk

      • Meg says:

        1. A suspension of disbelief when it comes to things like alternative worlds, magic etc. This is a basic issue about the emotional psyche of a character which should not just be hand-waved.
        2. They’ve made it clear that the magic of the curse is confined to storybrooke.
        3. Don’t understand how the back-story of once being a mayor in a small town called storybrooke wouldn’t be understood elsewhere? Even so she could easily make up another back-story.
        4. Her revenge was already complete, snow lost everything – family and identity. I don’t think hanging around to witness everyone living a humdrum suburban existence would’ve been especially satisfying. Also as far as we can tell until Emma arrived she lived side by side these people without doing anything else to them, so what was the point?

  38. suzi says:

    I loved it. Regina episodes are always so emotional. The flashbacks were sooo good. You can feel the love between her and Henry so much and I am happy with how the writers told this important part of their story. I am one of the fans who like and support Jared too.

  39. ? says:

    Some one explain to me this rumor that there will be another curse and Emma, Henry and hook will be only ones staying in the real world?

  40. LaLa says:

    I loved the flashback scenes with Regina. In fact, I loved her entire story during this episode. The only thing that bothered me was that they took so long trying to locate Pan & Henry, trying to figure out their plan, and working on their own personal issues . . . and then it took less than one episode for Regina to save Henry and for them to leave Neverland. And the body switch in the end – so freaking predictable. Also, with all of the passengers there on the Jolly Roger, I don’t understand why they didn’t take shifts watching over Henry. If I knew that Pan needed him in order to become immortal, and that Pan had a great deal of power, and that we were still on his turf – I would not have left Henry alone. Everyone was not needed to magic Pan’s shadow into the sail. That’s just a major fail for me. Oh – and how are things all of a sudden great between Neal/Bae and Rumple? Really? As recently as what – 2, 3 days ago, you didn’t trust Rumple to have a weapon. Now, all is forgiven? Inconsistent.

  41. Cas says:

    Man talk about a bunch of harsh critics most of you are. I mean I agree there were some boring things about Neverland and I am glad they are headed back to Storybrooke but overall I thought the last 2 episodes were way better than most of the season. I know everyone jumped on Robbie Kay’s bandwagon but I dislike him and can’t wait until he leaves. While I am not a fan of Henry either, I think he is essential to the story and I enjoy learning about Regina and how much she truly loves him. I like knowing there is good even in an evil Queen. I think before judging on how bad he will be at portraying Pan, maybe we should see first?

    • prish says:

      Yah, Henry is ok. I’ll always have a place in my viewing heart for him, seeing the kid looking at the clock at the series beginning.

  42. kim says:

    So tired of the Peter pan story……loove the actor who plays him but come on.

    • prish says:

      Yah, and dragging the Pan story out with cliffhangers might be a reason for ratings decline. Hey, suits, pick up the pace.

  43. Jossieposie says:

    Can the twice hinted at Buttercup – Wesley story just happen already!

  44. Ginger Snap says:

    For those of you who can’t stand Regina, Henry and Pan, think Neverland is boring, why are you wasting your time watching this show? There’s a lot of choices on Sunday night so change the channel.
    For those of us who love this show, last night was a very satisfying episode. I was actually cheering when Regina stumped Pan with: “I don’t regret anything because it led me to Henry” as she ripped his heart from his chest. She was always the one who Pan could not fool and she is going to be necessary to defeat Pan. Because he can notmanipulate her.
    Before we see the end of Pan, I am curious if we will see some real remorse from his adult self about what he did to Rumple. ‘Cuz beneath the surface, I think he realizes just how bad he was.

  45. Pat says:

    Well I thought Peter Pan would be done with but I guess I was wrong. Now, Storybrooke will have to deal with his wrath. This should be interesting for Rumple considering he was told his fate would be at the hands of a boy who he always suspected was Henry. Now Henry is Pan. Cannot wait to see what happens!

  46. TinLV says:

    It’s really hard for a show about fairy tale characters ( not always the ones we recognize from our childhood) to jump the shark.. but Peter Pan as Rumple’s father ?? Who is his mother ? Wendy ?? How can the boy who never grew up even have a son ?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      You seem to have missed an episode or many…?

    • Pat says:

      You are obviously not afan of this show, because you no idea about the storylines behind each character. If you had followed this show from the start, then you would understand what is going on. So why comment on something you have no interest in?

  47. prish says:

    We are waiting for all four recent Pan episodes to be broadcast before watching them. I can’t stand the cliffhanger mood. Two more episodes to go, then we’ll enjoy them, together.

  48. neaorlean says:

    I think it’s been an awesome season so far, and a giant part of that awesomeness is that Robbie Kay kid, he’s just amazing, and I sure hope I see him a lot more on TV on Once and after it… Not too many 18 year olds can carry a scene with Robert Carlisle and Lana Parilla and live to tell the tale. We see what happens to Jennifer Morrison and her tragically mediocre onscreen family… I literally laughed my ass off at Neil telling Emma that they would’ve been nothing without a leader… Honestly, besides causing a few scenes revolving around “I’m good, Henry, I’m a lost girl” bs, I don’t really see what Emma did to be called a leader of a group with Regina, Rumpel and Hook in it. I loved Jennifer Morrison in House and HIMYM, and Ginnifer Goodwin was cute in Big Love, but that’s all they are – supporting actresses… I love this season of Once, and I just always wonder how much more awesome it would be if they cast a strong female lead instead of, well… Jennifer Morrison. She’s only good in a scene where she’s the supporting actress, especially with Lana Parilla, who has some balls. So I say more Regina, Rumpel, Hook and Pan (as Robbie Kay, pleeease, having Henry play Pan is going to be painful), less Charmings+Neil. They can’t make me care about their storyline, I’d like to see Emma with Hook only because I want to see Hook happy, i could care less about Emma, or her daddy living in Neverland for all eternity, or her new project of a baby sibling… I want to see Pan living in Storybrooke as a teenager that actually grows up, also we lost our entirely evil character long time ago, a huge part of this season being so good is that we actually have a badass villain. I don’t want Robbie Kay playing Henry, such a loss of potential, and I don’t want Henry playing Pan for more than the necessary two episodes to figure it out before the winter break. If we lose the bad guy again, we’re going to watch a fairytale soap opera, Emma and Neil, Emma and Hook, and let’s not forget we’re supposed to see some Regina/Robin Hood action at some point, Rumpel and Belle and all the happily ever afters, you know you love me, xoxo, Gossip Girl. So keep Robbie Kay as Pan, please.

    • Jessica says:

      I just wish Snow had long hair again. I’ve been sad that since remembering that she hasn’t let it grow out. It just irks me for some reason, I think it’s her ears.

  49. Parker says:

    finally another really good episode. So tired of the Peter Pan Storyline though, please just get it over with!

  50. Sara Arnoldi says:

    I loved the episode and somehow Im going to miss NL