Nikita's Devon Sawa on Sam's Final Season Arc: Alex Is Turning Him Back Into 'Nice Guy' Owen

DevonSawaAlexOwenIf Owen Sam’s gun-wielding return in Nikitas final season premiere left you a worried mess, fret not. Devon Sawa assures TVLine that his character’s new (but actually old) alter ego is not as dangerous as he seems, thanks in large part to the lovely lady we know as Alex.

But before the CW spy thriller can truly delve into that dynamic, we must first learn why Sam is back — and why tracking the aforementioned Miss Udinov has a lot to do with it.

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“Sam got himself into a really deep gambling debt, so now he needs a lot of money to get himself out,” Sawa reveals. “And the only person he can think of that has money is Alex — that’s his whole motivation for coming back.”

Early on, Sam “has nothing on his mind but the money and paying these guys back,” Sawa shares, but “eventually, a little bit of Owen starts creeping back into him.”

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“I looked at this year like the movie As Good as It Gets,” the actor continues, “when Jack Nicholson says that line, ‘You make me want to be a better man’ — that’s [what Sam begins] feeling. Unintentionally, Alex is bringing this stuff up with him. She’s turning him back into ‘nice guy’ Owen.”

That said, Sawa is careful to note that Owen — the stalwart ex-Guardian viewers once knew and loved — is, for all intents and purposes, no more. “We’re never bringing back Owen,” he notes. “Sam’s just going to get… nicer. And he’s going to start feeling for this girl.”

Are you eager to see more Sam/Alex action? Do you miss original flavor Owen? Sound off in the comments!

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