Hart of Dixie Bosses Reveal Their 'Favorite Love Story' This Season - Plus: Fresh 'Zade' Scoop!

DixieMidseasonFinaleHart of Dixie closed its 2013 run on Monday with a fall finale featuring a whole lot of heartstring-tugging drama.

From Wade/Zoe/Joel to Linley/George/Tansy, the romantic highs and woes ran rampant — even Zoe’s new cousin Vivian was in on the action! And based on the following flurry of teases Dixie executive producers Leila Gerstein and Len Goldstein recently gave reporters, the CW charmer’s midseason run will carry on with more of the addictive same.

Read on to find out into which love story Dixie‘s bosses plan to delve deeper in January — plus, learn what’s next for ‘Zoel,’ ‘Genley’ (?) and Wivian’ (?!).

QUESTION | So, are Wade and Vivian officially a go?
LEILA GERSTEIN | We’re [shooting Episode] 16  right now, and she’s still around. Episode 9 is about Zoe being in the middle of her new cousin and her ex-boyfriend — it’s hard. It’s hard for her.
LEN GOLDSTEIN | It’s a good step up for Wade, and it’ll give the audience a chance to see another side of him since Vivian has a kid. There’s some fun merging Wade into the Wilkes family.

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QUESTION | Talk a little about Wade as a father figure. And what is his role in the Wilkes family?
GERSTEIN | The kid hates him, so that’s kind of funny. He is a father figure, but he also has the 8-year-old kid who’s really getting under his skin and making his life miserable. He has to get past the kid to get to the mom, so it’s a really funny new way to do a foil in a love story.
GOLDSTEIN | We wanted to throw Wade into a lot of situations this year where he has to come of age. It happened early on in owning a business, and now finding himself in a family is another way he’s growing.

QUESTION | But be honest, is that all just so he can be with Zoe again?
GERSTEIN | [Laughs] Probably. Maybe. Possibly.
GOLDSTEIN | Zoe and Wade will always be at the forefront, no matter what relationship they have. As the season goes, they continue to evolve with a friendship and a relationship in general. They’re important to us… but you never know where life takes you.

QUESTION | Speaking of, what was behind this week’s big ‘Zade’ kiss?
GERSTEIN | The drugs that Wade took before the dentist helped him to see the truth, so we are supposed to see the kiss as the truth of Wade’s feelings — in this particular moment.

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QUESTION | Did you always know that Josh Cooke’s Joel would stick around as long as he has?
GERSTEIN | We knew from the incarnation of the character that we were going to be bringing Zoe back with the person she would have been with had she stayed in New York… We had written the first six episodes of the season before we cast Josh, so we always knew.

QUESTION | Has Josh’s chemistry with Rachel Bilson impacted how the Joel/Zoe relationship has progressed?
GERSTEIN | He’s around for more episodes. He brought a new New York energy to the show, which we needed in Season 3. Zoe is certainly different with him, she seems happier. We’re doing romantic comedy stuff with them.
GOLDSTEIN | We liked it because it gave us another side of Zoe, and we got to do some fish-out-of-water stories that we didn’t actually get to do with her. And we love the growing friendship with Joel and Wade, which has some great payoffs.
GERSTEIN | That is our favorite love story of the season.
GOLDSTEIN | They’re really good together. In the second half, there are payoffs to everything being seeded right now, and that triangle is one of them.

QUESTION | Can we look forward to seeing Mircea Monroe back in the fold for a bit?
GERSTEIN | Mircea is back for a bunch — at least four. And we’ll probably have her back again.
GOLDSTEIN | We’re happy to have both Shelby and Tandy back in the absence of Lemon.
GERSTEIN | They’re both blonde so they fill the void. [Laughs]
GOLDSTEIN | Lemon does make a very special appearance in one of the episodes, in hopefully a fun way. So, she’s not totally gone.

QUESTION | How long will Jamie King be away on maternity leave?
GERSTEIN | Jamie is coming back in Episode 14, so she’s gone for five. And there’s a very strong chance that Robert Buckley will be back.

QUESTION | How much will Tansy’s reappearance impact George and Linley’s newly cemented relationship?
GERSTEIN | We brought Tansy back to shake up Linley and George and Lavon. He promised Lavon he would do right by Linley, but then here comes the love of his life — maybe — so we’re going to play that triangle, for sure.

QUESTION | The show recently delved into Lavon and Annabeth’s future — will we continue to see that play out?
GERSTEIN | In the future they will face other hurdles… We’re right now in the middle of figuring out what that is. They’re happy for a few more episodes. [Laughs]

QUESTION | Are there plans to have Magnolia return this season?
GERSTEIN | We can’t have [Claudia Lee] for an arc, so I think she’ll be back for three episodes.

QUESTION | Baby aside, is there more Brick and Shelby romance ahead?
GERSTEIN | He’s still involved with Shelby. It’s not like she has another guy, so we’re still telling the love story of Shelby and Brick — I’m so into them. I think they’re so funny… We have a few more episodes, at least, of the two of them.

QUESTION | Any other fun teases for what’s ahead?
GERSTEIN | In the immediate future, we’re going to have the fight to save Bluebell… Filmore and Bluebell might have to merge, so there’s a couple of episodes that are really fun about the town coming together to deal with that. George is involved and Lavon is involved and Annabeth is involved, and Zoe ends up getting involved, so that’s a three-episode arc.