Homeland Recap: Putting the Hero in Heroin

Homeland Carrie Brody ReuniteThis week on Showtime’s Homeland, Carrie tried to motivate Brody to get the horse off his back, while Saul got an illuminating eyeful of his wife’s gentleman “friend.”

Correct me if I am wrong, but more happened in these 50-plus minutes than the preceding eight episodes combined. For one, Brody was transported back to the States, where he arrived disoriented, dehydrated and anemic, clamoring for his “stuff.” When traditional detox measures don’t promise him to be “functional” within Saul’s time frame (i.e. before Lockhart’s confirmation hearings begin), Dar suggests Ibogaine, an illegal treatment that is a real thing and brings with it nasty side effects, including hallucinations (in this case, of a singing Tom Walker). So spooked is Brody by that “duet” that he smashes a chair and uses a shard to stab at his arm, stirring flashbacks to his captivity under Nazir.

Awaking from sedation, Brody asks Saul why he wasn’t left in Caracas to die — is it so he can stand trial? Saul says that while Brody may feel he’s in a hole too deep to climb out of, maybe there is a way. A chance to be a Marine again. But Brody says he would prefer to die, and proves it when he makes no effort to swim after being thrown off a boat.

Saul visits Carrie in the hospital and loops her in on the next phase of the Javadi plan — which involves Brody “seeking asylum” in Tehran, then using his “celebrity” status as the Langley bomber to get close to the head of the IRG and take him out. That’d leave Javadi, a CIA asset, in charge. “It can change things just enough,” Saul tells Carrie of U.S.-Iran relations. “Now tell me that’s not worth your time” to convince Brody to sign on.

Meanwhile, seeing as Lockhart somehow got wind of Saul’s Caracas trip, Virgil and Max sweep his home, where they find the listening device that Mira’s boy toy Alain installed. When they show Saul pics of their prey, his beard sighs heavily. Virgil adds that Alain rendezvoused with Lockhart at a diner — damning information that Saul uses to blackmail the senator into pushing back his confirmation hearing.

When Carrie first approaches Brody in his holding room and shares that she’s pregnant, he is silent. But when she has him driven to a motel in the middle of the sticks, to see  Dana working as a maid, he begins roaring, anxious to see his daughter. But Carrie, that “bitch,” won’t let him. Back in his holding room, Carrie tells Brody she is pregnant fills Brody in on Dana’s life — the dropping out of school, the name change. When he expresses his need to let her know he was innocent of the bombing, Carrie says this op marks a chance at redemption. “We’ll get you ready,” she says, “but you have to be willing.”

Cue what could best be described as Homeland‘s version of the Rocky IV training montage, as Brody over the course of 16 days runs faster and stronger with his trainers, dusts off his marksmanship and brushes up on his intel-gathering skills. Ben Matheson then briefs the boys on the plan for Brody’s surrender to the IRG and where the extraction team will be based. (My prediction: There ain’t no extraction team.) But before he loads out for the op, Brody insists on seeing Dana again. After Carrie tells Brody that she’s pregnant about Dana’s suicide attempt, he has a reunion that could generously be called icy, seeing as Dana has no idea what he expects her to say. In fact, if he’ll just write it down, she’ll say it for him — provided she never has to see him again.

Back in the car with Carrie, Brody attests, “I will come back from Tehran — and not just for her,” as he offers the best version of bedroom eyes he can muster as a barely recovered smack fiend. Later, heading out to the chopper to load out, Brody stops to acknowledge Carrie. After a pause she tells him she’s pregnant says nothing, so he walks on. But then she calls out for him and says, “I’m pregnant” “See you on the other side.”

What did you think of Episode 9? Do you think Carrie will ever see Brody again? Did Dana overdo it some with the Disappointed Daughter routine? Did you think Carrie would tell Brody she’s pregnant? (Because I didn’t.)