Nikita Season Premiere Recap: Into the Woods

NikitaSeason4PremiereNikita‘s final season kicks off with a visual so haunting, we’re not sure any other in the series’ gritty history can rival it: Our leading lady, all alone and on the run, makes her way through the woods and encounters a bloody handprint on a tree.

Upon realizing it’s not hers, Michael appears — only to be fatally shot in front of her eyes. As the camera pans around, viewers are forced to set their sights on the dead bodies of Ryan, then Birkhoff, then Alex… And then she wakes up.

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It was all a nightmare, but one that pretty succinctly sums up the episode’s forthcoming events: Nikita is still looking to clear her name in the “assassination” of the President, but without anyone’s help. In turn, her crimefighting family has conducted a minor manhunt to locate and save their friend.

Having successfully evaded their search for months, Nikita resurfaces when reporter Dale Gordon begins to dig into the events of that fateful day in the White House. She offers to fill him in on the real story, her story, but she realizes that they have both been set up by Amanda and The Shop when the FBI arrives on the scene. Taking the journalist “hostage,” the fugitive escapes immediate danger, thanks to the help of Michael, Birkhoff and Ryan, who have been tracking (and finally located) her thanks to this fiasco… And so begins an uncomfortable back-and-forth between she and the team, as they offer assistance — but also voice their grievances concerning — their long-MIA friend.

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Nikita eventually gets out of harm’s way altogether after Michael blackmails an FBI bigwig named Matthew Graham — who, we soon learn, is working with The Shop — into driving his ex (?) off the scene. Once there, Graham vows to continue hunting her down, which she welcomes as she drives off — that is until he fires off a few rounds into car, leaving her badly wounded and with no one to turn to. (Just as Birkhoff predicted earlier, when he pleaded: “We didn’t ask for you to leave, but you did that anyway. You’re going to wind up in an alley somewhere, alone and dying… Unless you stop running and let us help you.”) Though Michael, thankfully, appears to be back on her track by episode’s end.

Elsewhere in the hour, Alex is off doing her UN duties with Sonya by her side. But after she crashes one of The Shop’s transactions, she finds what looks to be a tracking device on those she’s taken down — and then Owen Sam arrives and demands she hand said objects over.

Oh, and about Dale Gordon, who had the means and opportunity to help clear Nikita’s name? He is no longer around, as Graham plants an explosive that takes out the innocent reporter.

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