Scandal Recap: (Love) Made in Vermont

KERRY WASHINGTON, TONY GOLDWYNThis week’s Scandal was, in part, How We Met Liv’s Mother, as Rowan/Eli spent some time with “dead” Maya. Elsewhere, Fitz took Olivia for a ride, Cy put James in a… position… and Quinn labored to cover her tracks.

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MOTHER, MAYA? | Picking up right where we left off, Rowan tells Maya that because Liv has been asking about her, he needs to move B613’s captive of 20-plus years to a facility farther away. Maya’s one request: to see her daughter first. But Rowan refuses. “I’ve been hiding in the bowels of the judicial system,” she growls. “You have to give me something.” Rowan again balks, so Maya later chews into her own wrists, into her own veins, and begins gushing blood. (This is why Shonda warned y’all to eat dinner before.)

Maya is discovered before she dies, and Rowan visits her with press clippings about their daughter. (“You just wanna eat her!” No,pe too soon after the wrist thing.) When Maya notes there are no warm, fuzzy family photos, she 1) mentions in passing that it was she who got Olivia hooked on popcorn-as-comfort food (aww) and 2) accuses him of not taking care of their child as promised. He counters, “The Olivia of today, you know nothing about — and don’t forget for a second whose fault that is.” Which gets me thinking that Maya was involved in planting the bomb, but Rowan saved her hide, even at his own peril.

At episode’s end, Maya is about to be sedated in prep for transit, but when Rowan passes by the procedure room, he instead finds the doctor KO’d, and her missing. As Olivia returns home to her apartment that night, she hears a familiar, “Hi, Livvie” — and turns to see her “dead” mother. :-O

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MAKIN’ IT IN VERMONT | After Liv shoots down (no pun intended) Fitz’s latest bid to smooth things over, she shatters the Fitz Phone — but Jake can only scoff, “You really think that will stop him?” Indeed, it does not, as POTUS sends a chopper to bring Liv to a house in Vermont. She explains why she never talked about her dad — “What would I have said?” — but that doesn’t fly with the former fly boy. “You know who I am, everything that I could legally tell you,” he says, “and you’re this bundle of dirty little secrets.” When Liv suggests Fitz would have “run the other way,” he corrects: “No, I would have protected you.” He then reveals that they’re not standing in just any house. “It’s yours… ours. I had it built for us…. I wanted you to see the dream.” Annnnd cue the kissing, the sexing, the writhing. Before Liv leaves, Fitz asserts his love — seeing as he’s gonna try to take her dad down. Her response: “Do what you have to do.” (Also: “Don’t sell the house. Not yet.”) Later, Mellie, wise to Fitz’s “lost time” in New Hampshire, suggests that with Josie Marcus out of the race*, they could court Olivia again. “Maybe we should,” he concurs.

HUSBANDS AND LIES | Cyrus scores James a puff piece on Daniel Douglas Langston, with the hope that the Second Husband will make a pass. To grease the works, Mellie whispers to Daniel that Cyrus has an “open marriage” — a “fact” Daniel relays to a shocked James when his aggressive attempt at an overture is rebuffed. James returns home to Cy much later, confirming that his hubby’s advice to do the Q&A on Daniel’s turf, over bourbon, indeed got the subject to “open right up.” And as James hops in the shower, Cy receives the blackmail pics, showing that James proved quite receptive to Daniel’s charms.

THIS AND THAT | *Resten’s peeps broke into Josie Marcus’ house to steal a laptop full of campaign strategy — except that he didn’t (I called it!). Rather, the congresswoman’s sister-daughter-whatever faked it to score them points with Iowa just a week out. Along the way, Harrison got a taste of some Candy (and here he was kvetching that she made things needlessly harder!), and in the end, Josie took credit for the fraud and bowed out of the race…. Huck tried to ID the Flight 522 witness’ killer from a grainy security cam, but couldn’t — except that he could (I called it!), as revealed when Quinn came home to find Huck waiting for her, wanting answers and brandishing all his “tools”…. David snores, but is trying hypnotism to fix it — a rather random factoid that makes my Scandalized noodle thinking he’s being “programmed” by someone for a later storyline.

NOTABLE QUOTABLES | “Other than arranging for Daniel to bump into James in a locker room, I don’t know what I’m going to do.” “Yeah, I thought of the locker room, too”…. “My husband’s not your husband.” (Ouch. And: wrong!)

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