Revenge Recap: The Baby Bump

Revenge Season 3In this week’s Revenge, Victoria thinks she’s finally about to bring Emily’s house of cards tumbling down by playing her ace – the revelation that Daniel won’t be her first husband! But not only does the bride-to-be manage to trump her archenemy (as always), a wildcard emerges from the shadows that could make the villainess wish she’d folded a long time ago…

JUST DESSERTS? | Early on in “Secrecy,” we learn that Victoria has decided on a co-ed bridal shower for Emily. (No shock there, the bride-to-be tells Daniel. “Everyone knows your mother prefers the company of men.” Aaand we’re off!) In addition, the queen bee has hired Sarah to supply the temptation — herself for Daniel, petit fours for everyone else. (“It isn’t the worst idea,” she says with a smirk, “to get a taste of what’s to come.”) But, now wise to the former couple’s near-canoodling, Emily stalks her fiancé to the farmer’s market, where she spies him flirting with his ex over ingredients for their wedding cake. (Classy, Daniel. Real classy.) When he leaves, Emily approaches her rival and says “Hello, Sarah” with as much venom as Jerry used to use to greet Newman on Seinfeld. And, though Emily subsequently turns on the waterworks in hopes of guilting Sarah into keeping her baker’s mitts off Daniel, what really convinces Betty Crocker to bail is Victoria. At the shower, Emily’s future mother-in-law gleefully surprises her with the introduction of her first husband — who Emily casually explains she married to save from deportation. (Curses, foiled again!) Disgusted, Sarah calls Victoria on her “psycho obsession” with her son and swears she’s done with the parlor games. Which, of course, she’s not, because…

LADIES’ MAN CAVE | … after Conrad gives Daniel the keys to the secret pied-a-terre where generations of Grayson cads have entertained their mistresses – which Daniel vows never to use – he invites his old flame over. Emily is just like Victoria, he notes, and “I do not want to marry my mother.” So what does Richie Rich want (this week)? Sarah. And, if she’ll take him back – which her kisses certainly suggest she will – “I won’t risk losing you again,” he promises. Right on cue, Victoria informs Emily about the Grayson men’s “secret” love nest and even provides a phone number so that the ultra-discreet butler can unwittingly confirm that yes, young Master Grayson is there with his lady friend. Forced to take drastic action – not that that isn’t her favorite kind – Emily surprises Daniel with a sonogram photo. “We’re pregnant,” she announces. (Is she for reals? Doubtful… )

AND ANOTHER THING | When Charlotte’s blackmailed over a nude photo shoot (that she did to mourn the loss of Declan and their baby? Huh?), Aiden helps out… and helps himself to her laptop. All the better to frame her mother for Emily’s “murder,” he tells Nolan (who looks almost as confused about this as I feel). In his free time, Aiden continues to antagonize Jack (suggesting that what he and Emily had was “puppy love,” and that dog died a long time ago) and makes himself at home at Nolan’s. (Hilariously, Nolan’s roommate agreement is apparently even longer and more detailed than Sheldon Cooper’s!) Finally, Margaux – dumped as publisher by Conrad – decides to put out her own Grayson tell-all, that is, if the informant who’s contacted her proves reliable. And I have a hunch she will be, because, as the hour draws to a close, it’s revealed that – dun-Dun-DUN! – her informant is Lydia, alive and well and looking glamtastic as ever!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised that Lydia was alive? Where is your rooting value these days? Most message board posts seem very anti-Emily/Jack, so are you pulling for Emily/Aiden or Emily/Daniel? Hit the comments!