Vampire Diaries Recap: Death Becomes Her

Vampire Diaries Season 5 RecapA whole lot of blood is shed in Thursday’s The Vampire Diaries as Elena and her pals try to resurrect Bonnie.

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The plan rests on “crazypants” Amara and Silas, which is not good. She’s now human and he’s decided that watching Damon’s relationship with Elena go up in flames as a result of his failure to bring back her friend gives him a “perverse amount of joy.” With Silas no longer willing to help, things are looking bleaker than Katherine’s prospects of making it to her next stylist appointment.

Then Jeremy and Bonnie discover that Amara not only remembers Jer from when Silas killed him, but she can also see and feel Bonnie. Since she’s the anchor, she can actually see everything on this side and the other. Thus, another crazy plan is hatched: Perform a spell to make Bonnie the anchor, allowing her to exist in both worlds. To accomplish this, Damon enlists Tessa’s help since she’s still hellbent on getting revenge on Silas and Amara. Seriously, to paraphrase her ex, why can’t she just let it go? Two thousand years of keeping them apart wasn’t enough?

But back to the spell. Tessa needs to draw on the power of the doppelgangers’ blood, which means we get a cool – if overly spin-y – scene of all three of Nina Dobrev’s characters in one room together. “The cute one’s here,” Katherine cheekily announces.

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Just as Tessa’s getting started with the witchy proceedings, Silas interrupts the affair, while Stefan takes the opportunity to grab Amara and lure Silas to the woods. He’s determined to kill the former immortal who put him in a tomb to drown over and over. And he’s not the only one who wants to whack someone. After confessing her love for him, Amara begs Silas to put her out of her misery, but he gets offed by Stefan before he can tearfully complete the task. Then Damon arrives on the scene, but Amara has already stabbed herself over Silas’ lifeless body. Hey, anybody here want to live?

As Stefan buries Silas, Elena asks him if he’s OK now. She needs to know if this will give him closure. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he’s going to be forgetting his pain anytime soon just because his tormentor is six feet under.

There’s a silver lining amid all the darkness when Jeremy and Bonnie realize they can feel each other. But even their lovey-dovey reunion comes with a big caveat: Now that Bonnie’s the anchor to the other side, she will feel every supernatural being’s death, and they won’t be passing through her gently.

Meanwhile, Tessa doesn’t plan to keep her promise to Katherine to help stop her sped-up aging. She’s learned her lesson, and she’s ready to move on to the other side with Silas. “True love prevails. Universe be damned,” she says in a pool of her own blood. (We told you it got majorly bloody this week!)

With her limited lifespan, you’d think Katherine would want to spend it with her newly discovered stylist daughter, but she gives Nadia the brush-off when she asks her to come to Bulgaria. “I don’t want to know you. I’m doing you a favor, Nadia,” Katherine replies. “I can’t be there for you.”

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of the episode? Were you impressed by the doppelganger scene? Are you glad to have Bonnie back?