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Once Upon a Time Pan DeathWill Once Upon a Time‘s Neverland take a life? Who’s facing off in Wonderland? Will Bones address an alarming mystery? Is Vampire Diaries short a soulmate? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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Do you know something about a beloved character dying on Once Upon a Time? –Anna
Reports of such a death are greatly exaggerated — or at least “not exactly on target,” sources tell me. That said, Peter Pan’s shadow is going to do something pretty horrific, quite soon, and the ramifications will be felt deeply among our heroes and villains.

Anything interesting you can tell us about Once Upon a Time in Wonderland? – Allan
Tonight’s episode sounds magically delicious, mainly because the gloves will come off as we watch Alice and the Red Queen go toe-to-toe for the first time.

Now that Pelant is dead, is Bones ever going to mention the tampered alarm clock? –Laura
As a matter of fact, yes. It may just take some… time. “We will eventually find out what 447 and the alarm clock meant… or mean,” exec producer Stephen Nathan tells us. “But the series is a long way from being over. Remember, it took a while to find out what Brennan wrote to Booth when she was buried in the car. Patience.”

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If The Vampire Diaries‘ Silas and Amara were destined to be together and Stefan and Elena were each other’s true love, who is Katherine’s soulmate? There seems to be a Paul Wesley-portrayed character missing. Or am I totally misguided? –Bonnie
Vlada Gelman delivered your Q to Julie Plec during her visit to the set in Atlanta, and the TVD boss came back at you with… more questions. “You have to ask yourself: Was it Katherine and Stefan that perhaps were fated and there’s another doppelganger yet to come? You never know,” Plec hedged. “The key thing is that’s what the universe supposedly says. Is the universe real? Is the universe right? Or is it just one big prophecy and it got bastardized over the years? That’s going to be part of the fun of seeing how their relationships all move forward.”

Can you please tell me any scoop you have on The Vampire Diaries? –Karen
Nadia shows up at Caroline’s dorm room this week to talk with her mom Katherine — that will never stop sounding weird — but don’t expect the typical family bonding. “It is going to be a little bit of a power struggle between the two of them because Katherine is her mother and she feels entitled,” says Nina Dobrev. Plus, the former vamp is a strong personality who’s suddenly found herself in a vulnerable position. “Now that she’s weaker, [Nadia] is fighting to take care of her and have her in her life, but Katherine keeps doing things to piss her off. She’s just not good at thinking about other people. She’s having to learn that with [Nadia]. But you learn that she actually does want to have that relationship. She just keeps screwing it up.”

Have you heard anything about what’s going to happen in Criminal Minds‘ 200th episode? –Elizabeth
We of course already know that Paget Brewster will be back to appear in new flashbacks (and more?) as Prentiss. But now I can also report that Jayne Atkinson similarly will reprise her role as longtime (and doomed) section chief Strauss. “We’re getting the core group of people that we’ve had through the years,” Shemar Moore shared with me. “The only one missing is Mandy Patinkin.” What, with today’s advances in technology, we can’t digitally insert him and his beard into scenes…? “I think there’s a lot of politics involved,” Moore responded. “That’s all I’ll say.”

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Will we ever find out what Miles was burning in the shed in the first episode of this season’s Revolution? –JJ
As a matter of fact, yes. It may just take some… time. Saying that the reveal is “definitely” on Revolution’s radar, co-showrunner Rockne S. O’Bannon hints, “The burning of the shed — and its contents — will become shockingly clear as we approach the climax of the season.”

I am dying for some juicy scoop on my favorite TV show, Beauty and the Beast! Could I have some, please!? –Larissa
Contrary to some speculation out there, our first female beast, Tori, was not previously aware of (and thus concealing) her own cross-species DNA. “She’s never seen her eyes glow like that — and it’s sort of unclear what triggered it,” Amber Skye Noyes says. “That is definitely the first time that she has gone through a change like that.” And yes, the B&TB newbie assures me, we will see Tori go full-beast very soon. (Check back Monday for much more from Noyes, including the latest on the Vincent/Tori bond and her episode count.)

I’m totally obsessed with the McRollins relationship on Hawaii Five-0. Any scoop related to them? –Ivy
You’ll be so glad we had this time together when Carol Burnett guest-stars in the Nov. 22 episode, setting the stage for Steve’s visiting Aunt Deb to have a touching chat with Catherine about you-know-who.

When will Alex’s father (James Remar) return to Grey’s Anatomy? –Joanna
Camilla Luddington assured me that Remar “will be back,” though at the time we spoke (Oct. 30), the encore had yet to happen. What she does know is that when Alex’s estranged dad re-resurfaces, “it will not be an easy, good thing. It will be a stressful situation once again, because there’s so much history and hurt there.”

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Is there going to be a second season of House of Cards from Netflix? –Cheri
Yes, when HoC got greenlit, it was for two seasons right off the bat. And the sophomore run is currently ballparked to hit Netflix in “early 2014.”

Will Season 6 of Castle have a two-parter? –Vanessa
When last we tuned in — pre-season — series creator Andrew W. Marlowe said, “If we have a compelling enough reason,” that tradition would continue — though at the time, he was felling like the season-opening D.C. arc checked off that box. And now…? “It still feels like [D.C.] filled the bill,” he says — though the writers have yet to really hash out February’s episodes. “Im not ruling it out,” Marlowe allows, “but Im not ruling it in.”

When will NCIS pick up the Parsa storyline? I am really excited to see it play out! –Jenny
I, too, wondered about when this season’s Big Bad might rear his ugly head again. Showrunner Gary Glabserg told me, “We’ll get back into that story after the holidays – and hopefully kick off the year with something significant.”

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