The Mindy Project Exclusive: Maria Menounos Returns to Romance [Spoiler]!

MariaMMindyProjectDeslaurier brothers be damned: Maria Menounos is making her way back to The Mindy Project, and she’s got her sights set on a certain Schulman & Associates stud.

TVLine has learned exclusively that the actress/Extra host will once more play a fictionalized version of herself in a handful of the Fox rom-com’s upcoming episodes.

Menounos will return during Mindy‘s holiday episode, in which she’ll immediately steal the heart of Adam Pally‘s frat boy man, Peter. “There’s a big party in the office, and Peter’s dream woman (Menounos) shows up as one of the Deslauriers’ dates,” the Happy Endings vet teases.

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As luck would have it, Peter’s crush eventually becomes something more (“It’s slowly evolving,” Pally reveals) — and he’s actually not as awful a boyfriend as one might assume. “Peter is one of those dudes that talks a bunch of s–t when he’s single, and then as soon as he has a girlfriend, he becomes the most whipped, doting, attentive boyfriend on the planet,” he laughs. “He’s a softie.”

“Maria is so awesome and so beautiful and so funny and nice,” a complimentary Pally says of his co-star. “I really liked doing scenes with her. She’s a great actress.”

Menounos first appeared on Mindy midway through Season 1 as a spokesmodel — one “made up of billions of cells and millions of feelings” — for the Deslaurier midwife practice.