Vampire Diaries Recap: Mommie Dearest

Vampire Diaries Season 5 RecapThe Vampire Diaries this Thursday unveiled a mother of a twist and managed to break some hearts.

Plus, one character proved to be extremely resilient, while a new face found a common link with Elena.

Read on as we revisit the episode’s biggest surprises:

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FAMILIAL RELATIONS | Nadia is still holding Katherine hostage, and it’s more than just about keeping her away from Silas. After feeding Katherine a fake sob story, Nadia reveals the truth: Katherine really did kill her mother because Katherine is actually Nadia’s mother. How’s that for a humdinger? Katherine tells her newly rediscovered daughter that she actually went back to Bulgaria to find her, but she was gone.

UNHOLY ALLIANCE | Damon proposes working with the enemy aka Silas in order to help bring back Bonnie much to the witch’s objections. She warns that magic has a price. (Wait, how did everyone end up on Once Upon a Time?) But Jeremy points out that their situation, seeing and hearing but not being able to feel each other, isn’t enough anymore. Damon makes a deal with the immortal to resurrect Bonnie with his death. In exchange, Silas just wants Damon to kill Stefan to sever their link. It’s all a part of Silas’ plan to find Tessa’s mystical anchor to the other side. Unfortunately for him, Tessa turns him into a dried-up version of himself before he can get to it. So Damon lures Katherine and feeds her to Silas even as she cries, “I don’t want to die!” — which has a whole new, sad connotation now that she’s just met her daughter. But you can’t keep Katherine Pierce down, and just moments after passing out, she comes back to life.

REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO BRIEF | Caroline and Tyler’s honeymoon period is cut short when he reveals that he actually came back to say goodbye. He’s still got Klaus on the brain and plans to go after him and destroy the Original’s life. (Tyler in New Orleans? That could be fun.) Caroline, naturally, is not pleased: “For someone who hates Klaus, you certainly sound a lot like him.” Later on, she warns him that if he leaves, it’s over between the two of them. Although Tyler is clearly heartbroken, he doesn’t hesitate to walk out of her life.

LONE SURVIVORS | Elena’s feeling major guilt over her Summer of Sex while Bonnie was dead, so she’s not letting Megan’s death slip through her fingers. She’s still got her eyes on Dr. Wes, who warns her people are watching and asking questions about her and her friends and that she should leave school. Another good-looking blond at Megan’s memorial also grabs her attention. The mystery mourner is Aaron (Melrose Place’s Shaun Sipos), a hometown friend with major survivor’s guilt of his own. Oh, and. Dr. Wes is his father. So the Whitmore mystery is building, but still quite hazy at the moment.

Vampire Diaries fans, how do you think Katherine survived? On a scale of 1 to 10, how shocking was the Nadia reveal? And are you crushed over Caroline and Tyler’s break-up?