The Originals Recaplet: History Lesson

The Originals Season 1 RecapThe CW’s The Originals unleashed a litany of mythology this Tuesday, including answers about witchy Davina’s mighty abilities, Sophie’s mission and the power struggle in New Orleans.

Although the hour was exposition-heavy, the various conversations and flashbacks were expertly threaded together, filling in the blanks (so that’s how Marcel came to be Davina’s protector) and taking some unexpected turns (let’s just say those Deveraux sisters are crafty).

Here are five things we learned during the intel-packed episode:

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THE SOURCE OF DAVINA’S POWER | In order to renew their powers, the elder witches need to complete a ritual known as The Harvest, which involves sacrificing their daughters. However, they neglect to fill in the young girls on all the details, like the horrific nature in which they’d kill them, so when they started to slash their throats, Davina fought back. As each girl before her fell, their powers were passed on to the next one, and so on. Thus, the young witch, being the last “lamb” and the only one to escape, ended up with all the power.

MARCEL AND SOPHIE WERE HOOKING UP | Not too long ago, Sophie wasn’t a practicing witch. In fact, she was more of a free-spirited traveler/wild child, who was sleeping with the vampire. But it wasn’t just a physical thing. Before she was a believer, she confided in him about her doubts regarding The Harvest, leading Marcel to rescue Davina.

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THE REAL REASON THE WITCHES BROUGHT KLAUS TO NEW ORLEANS | One of the girls to be sacrificed was Jane-Anne’s daughter aka Sophie’s niece. In order to resurrect her, the ritual needs to be completed, which means Davina needs to die. Once Sophie realized the practice actually works and that her interference led to the death of her niece, she vowed to do whatever it takes to bring the girl back. Thus, the witches lured Klaus to New Orleans not because of their war with Marcel, but to get to Davina.

CAMI’S BROTHER WAS SUFFERING FROM A HEX | When Father Kieran warned the coven against The Harvest, they put a hex on his nephew Sean. Eventually, it drove him to commit mass murder. Meanwhile in the present, Marcel learns that the object of his affection, Cami, is Kieran’s niece, when the Father tells the vamp to stay away from Sean’s twin.

ELIJAH MAY HAVE FEELINGS FOR HAYLEY | There’s no denying that there seemed to be something more than just concern for the mother of his brother’s child when a finally freed Elijah reunited with Hayley. Even though she slapped him, their happy, hopeful looks spoke volumes.

The Originals fans, what did you think of the revealing episode? Did you see the twists coming?

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