Sons of Anarchy Recap: 'Grandma Is Dead'

SonsEp8Fallout from Tara’s whopper of an exit strategy officially begins in Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy, with a heartbroken Jax ridding himself of Gemma (for good?), a sober Wendy plunging off the wagon and an unsettled Unser schooling SAMCRO’s selfish queens, both past and present.

Recovering from her “miscarriage,” Tara reiterates to Jax how important it is that he cut ties with Gemma — a prospect with which he’s fully on board. Unser, meanwhile, has questions and concerns aplenty for his cohort.

“I’m not upset about Gemma, doll,” he explains to Tara, who knows full well that he’s figured out her scheme. “I’m upset about you. It breaks my heart that you had to become something so wrong to do what you thought was right.” After opting to keep her secret, he bows out of any further assistance. Unser later attempts to come to Gemma’s rescue by explaining to Eli — who has his own doubts about Gemma’s guilt — that he should steer clear of any further SAMCRO drama, specifically of the family variety.

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During their ride home from Charming’s own clink, Unser reasons with Gemma, pleading with her to let this latest Tara incident go. “What drives you is bad history,” he insists. “It ain’t real, and it ain’t what’s best for these boys… You’ve got a lot of love in you, Gemma. Sweet, deep love. I’ve seen it.” Unfortunately, a defeated Unser adds, “It’s so wrapped around secrets and hate, I don’t know if you could find it anymore.”

Elsewhere, Tara’s tough exterior finally gives way after a visit with her attorney Ally Lowen, who for the first time questions her client’s actions. “You stop it,” she whisper-shouts at her tearful reflection in the mirror. And unfortunately the hits just keep on coming, this time when Tara questions Bobby about Jax’s ability to really, truly make the club a legitimate business.

“Don’t give up on him,” Bobby pleads with Jax’s increasingly withdrawn old lady. “Jax is someone who needs to be with someone, always been that guy. I don’t know if we’re gonna make it… But he ain’t got a chance without you.”

Jax also finds himself on the receiving end of a harsh reality check, when a desperate Wendy shows up at his home looking for Tara. He immediately (and angrily) rebuffs her, to which she responds sadly, “I’m tired of being hated.” Gemma, too, confronts Wendy about the ugly incident, but instead of taking her out, she offers up a deal: “Help me prove what [Tara] has done… I’ll make sure Jax doesn’t kill you.”

Wendy — who earlier in the episode purchased some heroin — seems receptive and asks Gemma to take the drugs with her, but the latter leaves them and challenges her to prove she can be a good mom. Alas, Wendy fails and gives in to the urge to shoot up.

When Jax finally runs into Gemma — for the first time since Tara lost her baby — it’s explosive. Despite her protests, Jax is resolute in his decision to eliminate his mom from his life.

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“You’re a liar and you’re a sick, twisted bitch,” he spews. “Let this eat into your head, mother: You’re never gonna see my wife, and you will never see those kids again. Grandma is dead.”

Back at home, Jax and Tara share a truly gut-wrenching exchange in which the semi-estranged pair finally address the gaping distance between them:

JAX: I’m lost here Tara. I’m trying to put it back together, but I don’t know if I can.
TARA: I know…
JAX: I just feel so far away from you now. I know that’s my fault. Please, just tell me how do I get back?
TARA: I’m not sure.
JAX: Babe… Please let me back in.

And… sob!

Elsewhere on this week’s Sons of Anarchy.

• The Sons’ possible involvement in the school shooting finally is made public when Patterson leaks the club’s name to the local paper.

• An imprisoned Nero takes the fall for supplying the KG-9 that was used in the school shooting. “It wasn’t Teller who supplied the gun, it was me,” he confesses to the ruthless Patterson. “I’m responsible for the death of those children.” However, after evidence clears him (and implicates the late Toric) in the Diosa murder, and Eli helps her see that his confession is bogus, she cuts him loose.

• Juice delivers Connor back to the Kings, but tells Jax that they’re keeping him stateside and that he’s actually “a decent guy.” However, something tells me that the newly violent Juicy Juice may have just done away with him on his own…

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