Arrow's Emily Bett Rickards Talks Canary Intrigue, 'Rifts' With Oliver and a Flash-y Flirtation

rrow Season 2 SpoilersArrow‘s tech gal Felicity is stepping up her game, putting herself in the line of fire this season, and she’s taking an active approach in her person life, too.

Oliver, that’s a warning to you that your Girl Friday isn’t waiting around for your attention. In fact, someone might be swooping in — in a flash — to charm her away, previews her portrayer Emily Bett Rickards.

Below, the actress also dishes about the team’s Canary conundrum in this Wednesday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c) and the “dance” that has her putting her hands all over Ollie.

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TVLINE | Oliver meets The Canary this week. How does that affect the core team of Oliver, Felicity and Diggle?
What creates the biggest wave is the fact that we’ve learned there’s another extremely powerful fighter in town. But she’s helped us, so what does that mean? She’s extremely dangerous, so we’re on-guard, but also thankful. [Laughs] We never had to be thankful with Helena. She wasn’t ever helpful in any sort of way. It just creates a whole bunch of waves and equations to figure out that’ll definitely take time.

TVLINE | What’s Felicity’s personal take on The Canary?
[There’s] an awe that she is a woman, and she’s extremely…powerful. She surprises herself at how intrigued she is because it is a very dangerous situation. Felicity’s changing. She’s not becoming immune [to the danger] or numb to it. She’s allowing herself to live with it more. So she’s extremely intrigued by The Canary, as [are] Diggle and Oliver. It’s really important for them to find who she is and what she’s doing here.

TVLINE | Does Felicity get to have any one-on-one interaction with her?
We get to look forward to one scene. We don’t get to see very much, but possibly in the future. We are [only] on Episode 10.

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TVLINE | Felicity’s gotten so much more involved in the action this season. Will there be a point at which she takes it too far?
Yeah. She does put her life at stake. I think she goes home and she’s scared. But she has Oliver and Diggle, and she trusts them. They create a shell for her to hide in — kind of like a computer used to do for her when she didn’t talk to anyone. That’s why Oliver and Diggle are so important to her, too. She feels protection and at home with them. But when she puts herself in danger and puts her life at risk, she sees it as weighing herself in with the team. Because Diggle and Oliver do that all the time. She has a lot of intellect, and yes, she’s a woman, but it is necessary. She is an equal part of the team, and it has to happen. That trumps everything.

TVLINE | The episode description for this week says, “Felicity stuns Oliver with a bit of information about the Canary.” Is there anything you can tease about the nature of that information?
Having The Canary in general is stunning for all of them, but Oliver needs to know that he’s not alone. He’s constantly reminded of it, but he’s also very blocked off.

rrow Season 2 SpoilersTVLINE | There’s also a picture of Felicity grasping Oliver’s face in front of Isabel. Would you care to explain?
[Laughs] It’s such a good scene. Felicity in that scene is pulling so many strings. She’s dancing to cover up what Oliver does in that scene. She’s literally pulling out all the stops – and grabbing his face is one of them, so you’ll all like that.

TVLINE | On that note, how is the relationship between Oliver and Felicity evolving in the future episodes? Are you seeing a difference?
I saw a difference in Episode 3. She had a voice because she was sticking up for Diggle, but she put Oliver in his place. That doesn’t happen very often. She got quiet a lot in Season 1, sort of reserved herself. She did a lot of talking to herself in Season 1. Now, she’s becoming more vocal, and that’s because she has more confidence. That is going to show in their relationship, their friendship, the trioship. There are more Olicity moments. [But] I don’t want her to get lost in Olicity moments. She’s a strong woman. She’s an independent woman. The Olicity moments aren’t her water or her oxygen. I think they’ll continue to happen, but Oliver really needs to step up his game in terms of that. She’s not going to wait around forever. We do get another character this season that creates rifts and creates another option for her. It is really a thought process for both of them.

TVLINE | Word is that she and Barry Allen [aka The Flash] have a bit of a flirtation. What’s their dynamic like?
It’s great and fun and sparky. His intellect matches hers, and that’s really interesting and fun for her. She doesn’t have to explain a whole lot. There’s something so, so comforting in not having to explain a whole lot, especially when there’s chemistry.

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