Vampire Diaries Recaplet: Hungry, Hungry Stefan

Vampire Diaries Season 4 RecapIt was Remembrance Day on this Thursday’s The Vampire Diaries, yet Stefan couldn’t recall anything important — like that he’s a vampire with a blood addiction, or that his ex-girlfriend is now with his brother.

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That last bit of information would have come in really handy right off the bat since Elena insists on walking Stefan through their most memorable moments – “Really? We met in a cemetery?” he says – in hopes of jogging his memory. In the process, there is much flirting. Case in point: “How do I not remember you?” he asks. “You’re smart. You’re pretty. You’re funny.”

Such a charmer, that amnesic Stefan. As they reminisce about the first time Elena saw him for who he really was, with her hands on his face, Stefan leans in for a kiss – and she meets him halfway! But….

“I’m with Damon,” she finally announces, just inches from his lips.

Without Elena’s affections to distract him, Stefan’s hunger returns, and he disappears from her view. (When will people learn to stop turning their backs on vamps possessing super-speed?) He crosses path with Caroline, who’s hanging out with – and kissing! – Jesse, since her relationship with Tyler is on death’s doorstep. She compels Jesse to run and hide, but Stefan finds the college student and bites into him.

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Feeling betrayed by Damon and Elena, Stefan burns his journals. Caroline will check in on him every hour to make sure he hasn’t gone all Ripper Stefan. “I actually do trust her,” he tells his brother and ex. Burn!

As for Jesse, the mysterious Dr. Wes informs him that he has vampire blood in his system and then injects him with a deadly shot to complete the process of turning him into a creature of the night.

Meanwhile, Jeremy finally reveals to Damon and Matt that Bonnie is dead, garnering him a touching hug from the Salvatore. It’s up to Damon to break the news to Elena, who throws a makeshift funeral with their friends. Caroline confesses to Stefan her sadness and anger at not having Bonnie and Tyler. It seems even without his memories, their lovely friendship remains. “You have me,” he says, offering up his support. But as it turns out, Caroline still has her boyfriend, too, as Tyler makes a last-minute appearance at the funeral!

Finally, Matt sets up cameras to capture himself on video while he’s blacked out. When watching the playback, he gets a message from the passenger inside his body: Protect the blade at all costs.

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of the episode? Were you surprised by Tyler’s return? Or are you rooting for Caroline/Jesse? And how did the show’s latest funeral measure up on the tear scale?

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