Scandal Recap: The One Where Mellie 'Minted' Fitz's Election Opponent

Scandal Recap Olivia Jake KissThis week on ABC’s Scandal, Mellie “minted” Fitz’s rival in the upcoming election, Olivia handled a Weiner-ish situation and Jake’s mouth found itself in familiar territory.

THE CONTENDER | Lisa Kudrow made her debut as Josephine Marcus, a Democratic congresswoman with a thing or two to say on TV about Fitz’s untamed cobra. When asked by a reporter at a presser to respond, Mellie handles it with great tact, only to let loose with a massive verbal boner when she thinks her mic is off. Cyrus then rails at her for turning D.C.’s flavor of the month into a White House contender. “You minted her ass” while also birthing the hashtag #MellieHasaBigFatMouth,” he roars. Mellie offers a public mea culpa, but the damage may have already been done — Fitz’s worst possible rival, a Democratic female, is in the mix. Will “abandoned baby” dirt that Cy’s lackey Ethan dug up be enough to make the problem go away?

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MAN ON A MISSION | Jake warns Olivia about her father, that he would “slit your throat and drink your blood if it served the Republic.” But Liv’s done with Jake — for at least the next 40 or so minutes of air time — and sends him away, saying, “I’ve never heard of B613, I’ve never heard of you.” Later, Fitz rouses the Remington beast when he takes notice of Navy pilot Pete Foster’s “suicide” (as staged by Huck last week). Fitz arranges to upgrade Foster’s pine box send-off into a private military funeral, a gesture which James brings to Cyrus’ attention (by way of the gravedigger’s Instagram). Cy warns his president that if he can’t put Remington behind him, others will grab their own shovels and start their own digging — and they both know what lies at the bottom of that Cracker Jack box. “Think we can leave the past in the past sir?” Fitz nods in agreement.

Concurrent with all this, Quinn takes notice that Huck has had some “whiskey” and liked it. But as she expresses her concern, he fires back that she isn’t so much worried as interested. “Stop being interested,” he urges her. “Stop while you still can.” Later, Huck listens to a tape Jake made of a Rowan/Cyrus sit-down, in the wake of Foster’s funeral, and begins to glean that the man he killed last week flew a mission that never made it to his official record. At episode’s end, Fitz — after pouring cold water on Olivia’s make-out session with rekindled romantic interest Jake — arrives at B613 HQ, where he stands poised to confront Rowan about…?

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SEXT APPEAL | The Case of the Week is a classic, early Season 1 affair, with no tendrils attaching onto any larger arc: Senator Richard Meyers was sexting his bits to Desiree, a pretty blonde… who wound up dead. As OPA digs into the case, and as Meyers’ wife nobly stands by his side, more and more “recipients” are discovered. Olivia uses the wife’s growing disgust to make her alibi affirmation all the more solid, ultimately earning Meyers a “not guilty” verdict — which is nice, since it was his Mrs. who dispatched with Desiree.

Elsewhere: Abby assured David she wasn’t playing games anymore, as she coaxed a late-night invitation into his apartment… Mellie enjoyed a nice-ish moment with Fitz as he downplayed her gaffe and even comforted her some after, with a big ol’ handhold…. Olivia has some wicked wine glasses.

What did you think of this week’s Scandal, Lisa Kudrow’s debut and… the other stuff?

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