Pretty Little Liars EP Discusses Alison's Future, a 'Very Guilty' Ezra and More Season 4B Twists

Pretty Little Liars Alison AlivePretty Little Liars bitch is back — well, kinda.

As fans of the ABC Family smash learned in Tuesday’s Halloween special, the long-presumed-dead Alison DiLaurentis is alive and well(ish), and — as far as we can tell — suffering the same, tortuous fate as her group of gal pals… All thanks to the nefarious ‘A.’

But there’s a catch: She has to remain hidden or she might get axed — for real this time.

Here, executive producer Oliver Goldstick discusses the deceased one’s welcome return to the land of Liars, and also reveals what the increasingly creepy Ezr’A’ has in store for the girls. (Sorry, it’s neither pretty or little.)

TVLINE | So, Alison really, truly, officially lives!
Oh, she’s alive! [Laughs] I’m confirming it. The cat is out of the bag. You saw her and she’s alive — I can’t confirm she’ll stay alive, but she’s alive right now.

TVLINE | How involved will Alison be with Season 4B?
She’s not part of the group; she’s in hiding and has reason to be on the run. Whoever tried to hurt her is still out there as well. This is huge, game-changing news for our girls, and the 4B direction changes for them now, obviously. It becomes, ‘Can we save her before her assailant gets to her?’ You will see Ali [out on her own], but it’s not every episode by any means. She will surface when she needs to and when the heat is on.

TVLINE | Is present-day Alison still a bitchy queen bee? Or has this whole ordeal changed her?
That’s a really great question. It’s interesting because the actress [Sasha Pieterse] has grown up, too. We’re looking at old footage right now because the 4B finale hearkens back to the pilot, and Sasha has grown as a person and an actor. But Ali does reveal some other sides in 4B. Does she have some remorse for her previous behavior? Indeed she does.

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TVLINE | Alison reminded Hanna that they all “remember more about that night than you think you do.” Will we actually see them recalling things from the evening of her “death”?
Yes, it certainly will trigger more exploration of that night. And there will be another piece of information, a wonderful clue that surfaces in the season opener, which will provide a template for the girls — it’s our Raiders of the Lost Ark talisman that helps them for at least five or six episodes. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Will the show address whose body was identified as Ali’s and how?
Another good question! [Laughs] Yes, but that is at the end of 4B. I’m not going to be coy about that, because I’m directing that episode now. They’re looking to exhume those bones and Mrs. DiLaurentis is having a fit and sending the girls in a tizzy because questions from that night are still bubbling up. So, that’s explored, but not explored in terms of identity until Season 5.

TVLINE | Does the “Season of Answers” mantra carry on in 4B? Or is there a new arc at hand?
Oh, you think we’re going to give you a 4B finale without a juicy reveal?! [Laughs] C’mon, Meg! Is it going to be Christmas or not? Christmas is coming. We wouldn’t do that to you. Gifts are coming.

TVLINE | Ezra is super creepy in this episode — is that just going to continue as you dig further into his ‘A’-ness?
Are you kidding me?! That very much drives a lot of 4B. With the new clues that the girls have, all breadcrumbs will lead to Mr. Fitz. Our girls will be actively pursuing what they find, so I don’t know how long he can stay in the dark.

TVLINE | And this is definitely not a red herring?
Red herring? No. I’ll just say to you that he is guilty of something — he is very guilty of something. This is not a Toby switcharoo where he’s working on the inside trying to find out who ‘A’ is.

TVLINE | You previously hinted to me that Aria is in serious danger now. Care to elaborate?
Denial’s a very nice country to live in, and in her case Denial has been her zip code for a long time. There were clues that we planted in previous seasons, moments of things that Ezra said to her, and she’s been in denial about him… Just sit still and know that she’s the last one to move out of that country. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Will any other familiar faces return in Season 4B: Lucas? Jason? Jenna?
Tammin [Sursok] just had a baby, so [Jenna’s] not been available to us. We have Jason back, Noel Kahn makes an appearance and Melissa makes an appearance. Jake is back. Lucas is not back right away, but we’ll probably see him in Season 5. Shana and Paige are back.

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