Way Ghul: Arrow Drops a Couple of Big Names

Arrow Recap Vigilante Now Called ArrowIt took 25-1/2 episodes, but The CW’s Arrow finally went there this Wednesday night.

Midway through Season 2’s third episode, in which an escaped loon set out to turn porcelain-skinned young women into, well, porcelain-y dolls, police officer Quentin Lance called Oliver Queen’s alter ego the A-word.

“Last year you were working with the Arrow — what difference does a few months make?” Quentin said to his daughter Laurel. Her response: “The Arrow?” “Yeah,” he shrugged. “Seems more appropriate than ‘the Hood.'”

Makes the long, lonnnng wait to get even “the Blur,” let alone the S-word, seem so… silly, doesn’t it?

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Elsewhere in the “Broken Dolls” episode: The Arrow sicced sidekick Roy Harper on the masked, leather-clad blonde who’s been whaling on abusive men (and who saved Oliver’s bacon when surrounded by the Starling City PD). Roy’s efforts got him a few whacks to the head, as he trailed a street tough named Sin to the mystery woman’s “lair.”  At episode’s end, it was revealed that this woman (let’s you and I call her “Black Canary,” OK?) is being summoned by Ra’s Al Ghul, probably as a member of the League of Assassins — but she ups and kills the messenger.

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Also, Laurel, after dodging her own doll-like fate, came to realize that she, not the Arrow, was partly responsible for Tommy’s tragic fate, seeing as she stubbornly refused to vacate the CNRI office in the Glades when advised to — leaving the door open for her lover to try to save her mid-Undertaking. Nice little bit of acting/waterworks by Katie Cassidy.

What did you think of this week’s Arrow and the new glimpses of Black Canary?

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