Pretty Little Liars Recap: Night of the Living Dead

Pretty Little Liars Alison LivesIt’s a wild goose presumed-dead-friend chase in Pretty Little Liars‘ annual Halloween special — one that finally leads to a major, long-theorized reveal: Alison is alive!

Filled with the holiday offering’s typical thrills and chills, the ABC Family saga’s latest hour follows the Liars as they race through the neighboring town of Ravenswood in an attempt to locate their long lost pal. They catch glimpses of her here and there throughout the fright-filled night, but it’s not until they arrive back in Ravenswood — with an increasingly creepy Ezr’A’ looming near — that they once and for all come face-to-face with Alison.

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“Did you miss me?” she asks with an uncomfortable giggle, the girls staring on in disbelief.

Their reunion, however, is short lived, as Ali reveals to Aria, Hanna and Spencer that “it’s still not safe” for her to come back out into the open.

Unfortunately, Ezra — who henceforth will be known as The Lurker — pops up suddenly, prompting Ali to once again flee the scene.

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Elsewhere in the hour, Caleb makes a friend named Miranda and the two embark on a supernatural adventure through Ravenswood — but more on that in our recap on the new series of the same name.

So, Pretty Little Liars fans, talk to us: Did you see the major Alison reveal coming? Are any of you still predicting Ali has a twin? Is Ezra ‘A’? Will you miss Caleb in Rosewood? Sound off!

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