Chicago Fire Bosses on Benny's Power Play, 'Opportunity' for Casey/Dawson and Shay's Spiral

Chicago Fire Season 2 SpoilersThe following contains spoilers for Tuesday’s episode of Chicago Fire. If you have yet to watch, head to a different TVLine article! Everyone else, you may proceed…

Chicago Fire got a shake-up on Tuesday night when Boden was seemingly pushed out by Severide’s dad Benny, who reaped the benefits of the open position.

Meanwhile, Shay continued to go down a dangerous (and promiscuous!) path and Molly’s saw its rival bar Game Day go down in flames — literally.

Below, executive producers Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead and star Taylor Kinney weigh in on Benny’s intentions, Shay’s future and Molly’s not-so-lucky good fortune. Plus, the EPs share some news that may delight Casey/Dawson ‘shippers.

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THE NEW CHIEF | Now that Benny has accepted McLeod’s offer to replace Boden at Firehouse 51, one has to wonder if he was always after the top job. “He’s a lot shady,” admits Kinney. However, “I don’t think that was his endgame,” notes the actor. Knowing there was turmoil at the station, “he played it pretty smartly,” adds Olmstead. “Did he anticipate this might be a scenario and would he go for it? For sure!” But don’t count out Boden, who has the support of the firefighters and “begins to put up a hell of a fight,” says the EP. Meanwhile, Boden’s troubled relationship with Benny “ain’t going to disappear,” adds Wolf. “It will go into different iterations. But the Boden/McLeod conflict will also continue for a substantial part of the season.”

BABY MAKING | Since Severide’s not having much luck with the ladies outside of the bedroom lately – first, Renée lies about the baby, and now Zoya wants a green card out of him – why not just go back to the initial plan to have a baby with BFF Shay? “It’s tricky. I don’t think he’s in a position to settle down,” explains Kinney. “If the outcome would have been different with Renée, there’s an opportunity. But it ended kind of disastrously. So to resume the storyline with Shay, it’s just too soon.” As for another burning question, Olmstead reveals that the romance between Severide and Renée was always going to end the way it did — even if her portrayer Sarah Shahi hadn’t become a series regular on Person of Interest. “We weren’t going to tie the Severide character down,” says the EP, adding that the plotline “was certainly accelerated by the fact that she had another gig.”

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CRASH AND BURN | Spiraling Shay’s “story gets clearer and significantly more complicated in the second half of the season,” previews Wolf. Adds Kinney: “Dawson’s trying to figure out a way to get in touch with her. Right now, they’re really butting heads. We’re all trying to figure out how best to help her.” Unfortunately, the situation will only get uglier for Shay before someone is able to step in. As “she goes rock bottom,” her pal Severide is left to “pull her up,” teases Olmstead.

Chicago Fire Season 2 SpoilersOPPORTUNITY ABLAZE | The fire at Game Day was “definitely” arson, confirms Olmstead, and it’ll have “ramifications” for Molly’s owners. “They’re suspected of it because they certainly will benefit from Game Day closing. Does it involve the cop character that Dawson is seeing? Absolutely.” That relationship will also get more complicated since her beau is “constantly keeping Dawson destabilized in terms of her interpretation of who this guy is, and we’ll answer that question in the next episode.”

PLAYING HOUSE | To paraphrase a quote from the episode: Why isn’t Gabby your girlfriend, Casey? Turns out the firefighter’s new role as guardian to Heather’s kids is part of the reason. “These circumstances have kept him away from Dawson,” says Olmstead. “They’re constantly these two ships passing in the night.” But the two are about to dock at the same port! “They’re going to have their opportunity. Whether or not he can seize it remains to be seen. That window is going to open up with Dawson. Are they finally going to have luck on their side?” Bonus Casey teaser from the EP: “A big thing is going to happen to him in the course of a fire call.”