Supernatural Boss Previews the 'Burden' and Unexpected Aftermath of Dean's Secret

Supernatural Season 9 SpoilersThe Supernatural boys are back and once again keeping a major piece of intel hidden from each other.

Below, executive producer Jeremy Carver explains how the Winchesters’ latest divide differs from the previous challenges to their bond and previews the consequences of Dean’s decision. Plus: The EP gives us scoop on this Tuesday’s Crowley-vs.-Abaddon outing and next week’s angel-heavy feud.

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TELLING LIES | While Dean’s secret about how he saved Sam is hardly the first time the brothers have kept something from each other, it is different in that “this is really two major decisions that Dean has made right from the get-go,” points out Carver. “At the end of last season, in the church, and at the beginning of this season, you have two moments where he’s trying to save Sam’s life… Many times we’ve seen it as Sam withholding a big secret.” This time, the brothers are also coming at the situation from a different place in their lives. “It’s a little bit in the flavor of last year in that our brothers are both maturing and they’re both having very different responses than maybe they have in the past,” says the EP.

THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD | Dean’s decision to allow Ezekiel to heal Sam will not be without its consequences. “It’s a life saved, arguably at the expense of other lives,” says Carver. “It’s a tremendous burden on Dean. The decisions he’s made are really going to drive mythology in ways that he never really expected.” To that end, “The secret is going to affect not just [Dean and Sam], but their world around them,” including “other characters and situations” in ways that are surprising to Dean.

THE CHANGE WITHIN | Now that Ezekiel is taking up residence within Sam, one has to wonder if the younger Winchester will notice that there’s something different about himself. “You’re asking the right question,” hedges Carver. “It’s something I’d rather see play out.”

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DEMON WAR | This Tuesday’s episode brings back Crowley and Abaddon, who’s seeking the King of Hell’s title. With the demon king being held captive by the Winchesters, “The juiciness of that story this year is, how is Crowley going to potentially manage a civil war from his place in the bunker?” previews Carver. “It’s something we delve into rather directly and have a lot of fun with. We find, if I can borrow a fan term, some unexpected feels for a character that maybe we never thought we would feel for. It’s a really interesting portrait we’re painting of Crowley this year that I’m very excited about.”

ANGEL WAR | As if the fight between Crowley and Abaddon isn’t enough, the war on Earth between the fallen winged creatures will also heat up soon. “We always mentioned the angelic factions of Heaven. We’ll be introduced to one of the leaders of these factions in Episode 3, and his name is Bartholomew,” teases Carver. Meanwhile, the same installment will feature a homeless and broken-down Castiel, who’s beginning to grasp “the enormity of what’s happened to him. He’s going to have to adapt. And he’s going to have to get back to the Winchesters. … Neither one of those desires is going to play out exactly the way he was hoping.”