Once Upon a Time First Look: Can Rumplestiltskin Rescue His Son from Peter Pan?

The next episode of ABC’s Once Upon a Time will flash back to the time Rumplestiltskin first met Peter Pan, in the course of saving his son Bae from the perils of Neverland. And we’ve got a smattering of photos from the face-off.

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In the episode “Nasty Habits” — which among other things will explore Rumple’s haunting “daddy issues” — as Gold decides to confront Pan in the present day, Rumplestiltskin in the Fairytale Land That Was goes in search of his missing son.

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Elsewhere in the hour, grown-up Bae/Neal must deal with having landed in Neverland in the custody of Lost Boy Felix, while the Dreamshade poison begins to take its toll on Charming.

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