Scandal Recap: Command Performance

Scandal Season 3 RecapThis week on ABC’s Scandal, the Gladiators got to meet Olivia’s father — though only one of them got to truly know him.

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In flashbacks to five years ago, we learn that Olivia and her father had a standing appointment for Sunday dinner (after which she’d leave a doggy bag off with homeless Huck on the Union Station platform). Dad’s a docent of sorts at the Smithsonian, full of anecdotes about “the far more dangerous beast,” the mastodon.

One evening, Huck saves Olivia from a mugging, raising questions for her about his background. He reveals he was a trained assassin for a CIA offshoot called B613, which runs out of the shell company Acme Limited aka “Wonderland.” Liv asks Dad to check this story with his FBI friend, and he comes back empty, claiming Huck instead is some oft-arrested crackpot. But when Olivia asks a friend of a friend, Scruffy David Rosen, to confirm Huck’s rap sheet, Poppa Pope’s story begins to unravel — especially when Liv realizes (20 minutes after I did) that the pen she picked up at his house has the Acme logo.

When Liv confronts her father, he tries to order her to calmly behave-slash-non-react (“If you push to know me well, that would break my heart), but she storms off. Olivia later parries by getting engaged to Edison David, whose Senate intel committee will crack down on funky spy business. But Eli then counterattacks by having Edison beat within an inch of his life. “We are done!” Liv declares.

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Now in the present day….

While Olivia readies to fix First “Mistress” Jeannine Locke’s problem, Rowan chides Cyrus about the White House’s silence on the sitch. Olivia isn’t quiet, though, giving a presser on the front lawn declaring that Jeannine “absolutely, positively” didn’t bed POTUS.

When Olivia’s dad visits OPA unexpectedly, the team’s abuzz, while behind closed doors the two mime happiness as they trade threats. “What did you to do Jake?” she asks. His response: “Ask your friend Huck.”  When Liv does just that, Huck tells of “the hole,” sending Liv racing to urge Fitz to “get Jake away from them.” Cyrus is unable to help his president with this request, since B613’s “only concern is the stability of the republic,” and they don’t even answer to the White House.

The Gladiators prep Jeannine for her live TV appearance, during which she’ll deny the affair. But Mellie gets a hold of the girl first and apparently changes her tune with $2 million. After Liv urges Jeannine to do the right thing, Fitz calls to report that Jake is alive but his hands are tied to do more. “There’s a reason this isn’t Vermont!” she rails, saying that they forwent their dreams so he could be an all-powerful president. Fitz later preempts whatever Jeannine was to say with his own live TV appearance, where he confirms the affair himself.

At hour’s end, after Quinn presents the latest findings of her hacking of Olivia’s email, Huck puts the pieces together and confronts Liv in the parking garage. “Is your father Command?!” he roars, near-throttling his boss lady. She answers, “Yes. He is.” Once home, Liv begrudgingly takes a call from Dad, who tells her to open her door. There, she finds a bloodied, beaten, worse-for-the-wear Jake Ballard, collapsing in her doorway.

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What did you think of this week’s Scandal? How do you think Huck will process his discovery?

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