The Walking Dead's Danai Gurira Reacts to 'Fascinating' Rick/Michonne Romance Buzz

The Walking Dead Season 4It wasn’t just fans.

The Walking Dead‘s Danai Gurira was also picking up on something between Rick and Michonne towards the end of Season 3.

But that something was not romance.

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“It’s very clear that she has respect for Rick,” the actress explains on the eve of the AMC smash’s Season 4 premiere (Sunday, 9/8c). “Seeing the way Rick handles himself, handles his community, handles his son is something that she can respect.”

Gurira calls the love chatter “fascinating,” acknowledging that Rick has had a positive influence on her reserved, borderline-mute character. “He demanded that she not keep functioning in a way that was completely non-communicative and obscure, and she adjusted to that,” she points out. “And I think she actually felt that was probably good for her. So I think that’s probably what fans are seeing.

“I don’t know whatever else they see,” she continues with a laugh. “They’d have to tell you.”

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Looking ahead, Gurira says viewers will witness a depending relationship between Michonne and the other man in her life — Carl.

“What you see in [Sunday’s opener] is that their friendship has grown,” she previews. “Their connection has grown. She likes to give him treats and keep him healthy, which is also what his father wants. It’s a nice progression.” (Reporting by Megan Masters)

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