Parenthood Recap: A Picture-Perfect Spark, Marital Missteps, Brotherly Love & Money Issues

Parenthood Spoilers Sarah Hank ReunionThis week’s Parenthood finds Sarah and Hank inching closer to a reunion, while Adam and Kristina have an anti-meeting of the minds, and Ryan, Amber and Drew hilariously handle a problem dormmate.

Here, we break down the seven key takeaways from the NBC weeper’s latest installment:

The Braverman men have become a dismissive bunch. Whether it’s “Budget Boy” Adam putting his foot down on Kristina’s campaign spending or Zeke full-on ignoring Camille’s pleas to discuss the next “act” of their love story, the typically accommodating other-halves are in rare form this week. Thankfully, Adam finally comes around and adorably offers up his entire wallet — cash, cards and all — for the betterment of the election.

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• Hank, on the other hand, is making major romantic strides. Save for a misplaced “pause” early on in the hour, the reserved photog helps build Sarah’s confidence in her craft. And as a thank you, he receives one of those signature Sarah smiles — which, let’s face it, is all he really needs.

Lacrosse has never looked better. The fact that Ryan (Matt Lauria) busts into Drew’s dorm room to defend his soon-to-be little brother is endearing (and — duh — sexy) enough. But that he starts it all off by kicking down the door while holding that kid from The Descendants‘ lacrosse stick? Pretty awesome, bro — we mean Sergeant York, sir.

• Photography be damned: Sarah Braverman missed her calling as a saleswoman. After Kristina nixes her sister-in-law’s pitch to shoot her official campaign photo in favor of a “professional” portrait, The Resourceful One counters, “Or do you need someone who knows you so well that they can bring out what’s beautiful and strong and smart about you? I would argue I’m that person…” (Spoiler alert: Sarah gets the job and perfectly captures Kristina in the shot.)

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It’s always embarrassing when you walk in on someone gettin’ busy! Upon interrupting Ryan and Amber in a compromising position, Drew turns a slightly darker shade of red than his ex-teacher/stepfather figure Mark Cyr did when the same thing happened to him last season.

Breast pumps are “fascinating”… At least through Crosby’s eyes. And thankfully, because of that newfound appreciation, he’s finally able to bond with his baby girl via a bottle feeding. “I know your mom’s got boobs and that’s very, very awesome, but I’m here for you, too,” he coos. “It’s important to me that you know that.”

Scrabble is for lovers. And also for Drew and his adorable new dorm-room crush (played by 90210 alumna Lyndon Smith).

What were your favorite moments from Thursday’s Parenthood?