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Beauty and the Beast Returns With a Reset Romance, Daddy Issues and an Emotional Exit

Beauty and the Beast PreviewIt is the best of times, it is the worst of times, as The CW’s Beauty and the Beast kicks off its second season (tonight at 9/8c).

When Beasties last tuned in, Vincent had been captured are airlifted away from the site of his near-fatal scuffle with Gabe, while all Catherine could do was watch, helplessly. The action picks up several months later, with Cat and JT unable to turn up any leads on Vincent’s whereabouts. But soon enough, a reunion takes place — though Vince is far from the man he once was.

TVLine visited the series’ set in Toronto, where cast members Kristin Kreuk, Jay Ryan, Austin Basis, Sendhil Ramamurthy and Nina Lisandrello shared a taste for the new drama ahead.

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TO HAVE LOVED… AND LOST | When Cat next lays eyes on Vincent, his identity is at least figuratively “wiped away,” says Jay Ryan. “But when Catherine throws him a lifeline and lets him in again, he realizes that he has a purpose, other than to follow orders (more on that below). It’s interesting to allow them to fall in love all over again.” As Kristin Kreuk puts it, finding Vincent at first “is a relief — it’s like her own life has been saved, in a way — but then it very quickly becomes challenging.”

HONEST GABE | ADA Gabe survived his shooting by Vincent’s captors — though his “dark” side died in the process. “He feels like this is a new beginning for him as a person. He becomes ‘born again,'” says Ramamurthy. And as such, with Cat anxiously seeking Vincent, “His whole mission” — for the first eight to 10 episodes, at least — “is to make amends. It’s really important for him to make it up mainly to Catherine, but also to Vincent, to try to help her with him.” Provided, of course, that Cat can ever trust the ex-beast. “It’s not an easy road,” Ramamurthy says. Saturn Return“He gets put in his place a lot, and takes it on the chin because he knows he deserves it!”

‘SWEET’ SEND-OFF | With Nicole Gale Anderson now a part of ABC Family’s Ravenswood — and with the Chandler sisters’ bond a bit fractured — “There will be a clear exit for Heather,” says Kreuk. “I’m happy for [Nicole], but selfishly I wish she was around. We have a good episode together that I think the fans will like. It’s emotional and sweet.”

CAT’S ‘EPIC’ WINGMAN |“Thank God!” was Nina Lisandrello’s reaction to Tess finally getting let in on Cat’s wild love life. Alas, it came with a price. “[It] has cost her relationship with Joe, so Tess has been a bit burned.” Even so, the actress says, “She still loves Cat so much and wants the best for her,” and as such will hold things down at the cop shop whenever her partner needs to peel away on beastly business. “Tess knows that their love is so epic,” says Lisandrello. “She just wants Cat to be happy.”

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AN ‘AWKWARD’ BROMANCE | Cat is not the only one thrown by Vincent’s return as a changed man. There’s also “an awkward catch-up period” for JT and his best bud, says Austin Basis, though parts of it get played for laughs. Still, “The fact that they’re together does not mean it’s easy peasy. Who Am I?Reestablishing our dynamic becomes part of the struggle, because Vincent’s involved in something else.” Speaking of which….

WHAT IS VINCE INVOLVED IN? | Emerging from his months spent in captivity, Vincent “has been completely rewired to be the super-soldier he was always meant to be,” says Ryan. And as a result, “He’s a lot sharper, physically and mentally, and more in control of this beast.” However, Vincent 2.0 is “now controlled by a new power who’s bigger than Muirfield and is trying to sweep up their mess — and they’re using Vincent to help that along.”

DADDY ISSUES | And that’s where Cat’s biological father, Agent Reynolds, comes in. “”He’s the one running the show,” Ryan reveals. “That may ultimately be because he wants to have his daughter back in his life, and if he can control the guy she’s in love with, he holds the power.” Still, wouldnt a Hallmark card have been simpler?

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