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Arrow Mystery Solved: Laurel's Season 2 Storyline Is to [Spoiler] the Vigilante!

Arrow Season 2 Spoilers LaurelShe’s MIA from Season 2’s first episodic pics. She landed in the back row of the new cast photo. And glammish geek girl Felicity and someone else playing Black Canary have commanded the female-centric buzz.

But make no mistake, The CW’s Arrow most certainly has a plan for Katie Cassidy and the character of Laurel Lance.

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As the superhero drama’s sophomore run opens up, months after the Undertaking that literally rattled Starling City, “Laurel’s joined the district attorney’s office … now that CNRI has been destroyed,” showrunner Andrew Kreisberg shared Tuesday on the set. “Her mission at the top of the season is to bring down the Arrow.”

(As for how Black Canary’s introduction in the form of a character played by Caity Lotz impacts the show’s first most likely candidate, Kreisberg previously maintained to TVLine: “[That] really is all Laurel’s story… another step in Laurel’s journey. [It] does not preclude Laurel from one day becoming the Black Canary.”)

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Working alongside Laurel as she embraces her anti-vigilante cause is a new character, ADA Adam Donner (played by Dylan Bruce aka Orphan Black’s Hot Paul). “He’s a good guy, we hope,” Kreisberg said. “But he’s there as another foil for Laurel.”

Adam is also there as a callback to some “super” DNA, named as he is after 1978 Superman movie director Richard Donner. “We had a sign everywhere on the set that said, ‘Verisimilitude'” — as in Donner’s famous on-set mantra during that shoot. Meaning authenticity/plausibility, “That was the launch word for that movie,” Kreisberg said, “and that’s the word that we have adopted as well.” (With reporting from Vancouver by Vlada Gelman)

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